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Our 9 Tools & Resources for Slaying the Beast, once and for all

Ready to add your name to our litany of success stories?  Below you’ll learn the about our 9 primary resources, and then how to make the most of them.

Learn about them by either watching the following video, or reading on.

Thrilled and Haunted?

When I came to the realization years ago that migraine freedom was possible for everyone, I was bristling with excitement.

I’ve wanted to eradicate the Beast from planet Earth for as long as I can remember. Having stumbled upon the way to do so meant that I and all of my fellow migraine sufferers no longer had to wait around helplessly for the miracle drug that would never come.

Knowing that migraine freedom was possible for anyone was beyond thrilling.

At the same time, that knowledge also haunted me.

I know firsthand how horrific the Beast can be.

And knowing how many people were still suffering needlessly led to many sleepless nights.

During those nights, I’d contemplate two problems:

PROBLEM #1: Getting the word out.

I knew that not only would people not receive the information they needed from their traditional health care provider, but that the odds were that the treatment they did receive – the same treatment I’d been doling out up until this point – would more than likely make them worse over the long term.

I had to figure out a way to get the information out to all of the people around the world who so desperately needed it.

Not only did I have to reach them, but I had to overcome their skepticism, and convince them to take action. Skepticism is natural, especially if you’ve gotten your hopes dashed before about some promising new treatment in the past – a common occurrence for migraineurs over the past few decades.

PROBLEM #2: Providing the support and guidance needed for success.

After reaching people with this message, I knew that their success wouldn’t be guaranteed.

Information is a necessary first step, but alone is not enough.

How you implement that information is what ultimately spells the difference between success and failure.

I knew that most people would need guidance and support as they implemented the plan to build up their 3 Pillars of Protection – far more than I could deliver in the span of a clinic visit, or many clinic visits.

In fact, I realized at this point that the medical clinic could never provide those with chronic migraines the care they actually needed.

And there was nothing out there that could.


The solution to problem #1, reaching people with the Migraine Miracle plan, began with the book, The Migraine Miracle, which was published in 2013.

Since then, we’ve launched our website, the Migraine Miracle Facebook group, and our private Migrai-Neverland community.

And we’ve had the chance to work with thousands, all across the globe, who’ve been putting the plan into action.

Reaching so many people, and having the opportunity to work with and receive feedback has been an incredible – and unprecedented – learning experience. That feedback has been invaluable in both guiding the creation and refinement of the solutions to Problem #2.

Because of that, we’ve now developed a battle tested set of tools and resources to guide you on every step of the journey.

The goal of everything we do here is to train you to become an expert Beast Slayer. And scores of people have used just the resources on this page to do so.

Below is an overview of our 9 primary resources, and then I’ll share how you can make the most of them on your journey.

Our 9 Primary Resources

Resource 1 – The Migraine Miracle book

WHAT IT IS? The book, The Migraine Miracle, was published in December of 2013. It went on to become an Amazon bestseller, and remains one of the primary ways we reach fellow migraine sufferers with our message.

In addition to providing an overview of the state of our understanding of migraine physiology in terms anyone can understand, it also provides the theoretical and scientific foundation for why the Migraine Miracle plan works, and how to get started implementing it.

Reading it has served as the starting point for many in our community.

WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? Think of it as your core textbook on how to slay the beast, equipping you with the background knowledge needed to fully understand migraines, how and why the plan works, and to be successful.

HOW TO GET IT? Click here to go to Amazon and grab a copy.


Resource 2 – The Miracle Moment Podcast

WHAT IS IT? The Miracle Moment is a weekly podcast that allows me to take deeper dive into topics related to migraines, the Migraine Miracle plan, and ancestral health.

WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? It’s great for revisiting and reinforcing topics covered in the book, learning tools and tips for implementing the plan, and improving overall health.

HOW TO GET IT? Click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes (click the “view in iTunes” button and then “subscribe” on the page that opens) to get every episode magically delivered to your smartphone (or subscribe in your favorite podcast app).

You’ll also find all prior episodes, show notes, and transcripts at


Resource 3 – The Migraine Miracle Facebook Group

WHAT IS IT? A Facebook group, of course! Specifically, a Facebook group for those who are implementing the Migraine Miracle plan, to provide support for each other, and to stay abreast of the latest news in the Migraine Miracle community.

WHAT’S IT GOOD FOR? For staying connected to the Migraine Miracle community.

HOW TO GET IT? Click here to go to our group page, and click “join group” when you get there.


Resource 4 – Primal Provisions

WHAT IS IT? Primal Provisions is our weekly Migraine Miracle meal planning service. Each Saturday, we send out a set of meal plans for the week, along with recipes for every meal, and instructions for how to prepare the week’s meals in advance.

Each set contains 3 separate meal plans, all of which of course adhere to the Migraine Miracle framework: there’s the Primary plan, a Keto plan (for folks who want the Migraine Miracle version of a ketogenic diet), and the Easy plan, which typically includes recipes with 5 ingredients or less.

WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? Changing lifelong habits, like what you eat every day, isn’t easy. At least at first. At least until you’ve developed new habits. And then it gets easy again.

One of the best ways to get over the hump, establish new eating habits, and ensure success is to 1) have really delicious food to eat, 2) have it all planned for you, and 3) prepare it in advance. Primal Provisions addresses all three things.

HOW TO GET IT? All members of Migrai-Neverland (see below) receive Primal Provisions every week, AND have access to our entire archive of Migraine Miracle meal plans (almost a year’s worth as I write this) and recipes. Click here to learn more about Migrai-Neverland.

Click here to learn more about Primal Provisions.


Resource 5 -The Chatter

WHAT IS IT? Every week, I gather with the members of Migrai-Neverland for the “clinic chat,” a weekly group coaching session. Members submit questions for the coaching session in advance in our private Migrai-Neverland Facebook group.

Each week we also send out “The Chatter,” which is the complete transcript of those group coaching sessions.

WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? The conversations in our group coaching session are not only highly relevant to anyone with migraines, but also specifically relevant for those who are putting the Migraine Miracle plan into action.

The clinic chat and The Chatter have been a great way for our members to further customize the Migraine Miracle plan to their particular needs (handling menstrual migraines, hormone supplementation, cooking for kids, etc.).

Click here for a list of all the topics covered thus far (and all available in the archive for MNL members).

HOW TO GET IT? Members of Migrai-Neverland are sent The Chatter every week (in addition to having access to the Clinic Chat sessions that these are taken from), and are able to download any issue in our entire archive of past issues (78 and counting as I write this!).

Individual issues are also available for purchase for non-members.


Resource 6 – The Beast Slayer Training Academy

WHAT IS IT? The Beast Slayer Training Academy is a complete, step-by-step course designed to equip you with the knowledge, habits, and behaviors needed to slay the beast.

In addition to reinforcing some of the information from the book, it also incorporates what we’ve learned since the book was published from the thousands who’ve put the plan into action.

The course is broken up into a series of modules dedicated to different aspects of the Migraine Miracle plan.

It contains 24 videos in all, 13 quizzes to reinforce your knowledge, assignments (which you complete along with fellow Academy members), and supplemental materials.

It is broken up into small, bite size lessons to make it easy to digest and remember, and to require a minimum of time (about 20-30 minutes a day).

WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? Imagine you’re taking a college course on an entirely new subject. Using that as the analogy, think of the book The Migraine Miracle is your primary textbook, and the Beastslayer Training Academy is the classroom where you receive your training.

In the Academy, you’re led, by an expert, deeper into the material through a carefully selected sequence, kept accountable, AND you’re shown exactly how to put it all into action.

Both are needed, as we’ve as worked with many in our community who first read the book, hit some roadblocks, were on the verge of giving up, and then came into the Beastslayer Training Academy and found what they needed to get to migraine freedom.

HOW TO GET IT? One way is to sign up for the Jump Start Challenge (see below), as everyone in the challenge goes through the Beast Slayer Training Academy together (and challenge participants continue to have access to the Academy even as the Challenge is completed).

Members of Migrai-Neverland also have access to the Beast Slayer Training Academy, and are able to participate in an unlimited number of 30 day challenges. Click here to learn more about Migrai-Neverland

You will continue to have access to the Beast Slayer Training Academy even upon completion of the course, including access to new content that is added.

Watch the video below to take a tour through the Beast Slayer Training Academy



Resource 7 -The “Jump Start” Challenge

WHAT IS IT? The Jump Start is our 30 day group challenge for helping people get started with the Migraine Miracle plan with expert support and guidance.

During the challenge, participants move through the Beast Slayer Training Academy together, and communicate inside of our private Jump Start Facebook group.

The challenge also includes a 30 day meal plan designed for those just starting with the Migraine Miracle plan, along with our Migraine “Superfoods” list.

WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? Anyone who’s either ready to get started with the Migraine Miracle plan with a full head of steam, as well as for those who may have fallen off course and are looking to get back on track.

Getting started with anything new is always the hardest part, but you can drastically improve the odds of success by using the support and accountability provided by a group to help you along.

HOW TO GET IT? You can participate in the challenge either by signing up for just the Jump Start, or by becoming a member of Migrai-Neverland. Members of Migrai-Neverland are able to participate in an unlimited number of our challenges.

Click here to learn more about and sign up for the next Jump Start, and take a tour of the Beastslayer Training Academy.


Resource 8 – The “Keto Blast” Challenge

WHAT IS IT? The Keto Blast is a 30 day group challenge for helping people implement a ketogenic diet, one that’s based on the Migraine Miracle plan and specifically designed for migraine sufferers (i.e. it’s how we do keto).

It includes our 30 day meal plan, our complete guide to Keto and access to the Keto Blast website, a private Facebook group, and ongoing support and guidance.

WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? I think every migraineur (or really any human, for that matter!) should consider a trial of ketosis at some point. It’s been a revelation for many, radically altering the course of their life for the better (beyond just migraines). I personally cycle in and out of ketosis regularly, and plan to do so from here on out.

That being said, for reasons beyond the scope of this discussion, it’s not the best place to begin.

As I’ve said previously, the first step is to build the foundation, aka the 3 Pillars of Protection, by implementing the Migraine Miracle plan. For most, nutritional ketosis will make the greatest impact after they’ve built that foundation and put the basic Migraine Miracle plan into action.

HOW TO GET IT? You can participate in the challenge either by signing up for just the Keto Blast, or by becoming a member of Migrai-Neverland, as members have unlimited access to all of our 30 day challenges (and we’ve had multiple members take part in multiple challenges).

Click here to learn more about and sign up for the next Keto Blast.


Resource 9 – Migrai-Neverland (best value)

WHAT IS IT? It’s the whole enchilada.

With a membership, you get the ultimate, one-stop-shop resource for becoming a Beast Slayer, including expert guidance, plus an extended family of amazing people to lean on who know exactly what you’re going through.

Migrai-Neverland membership provides access to every resource we’ve created since the book came out, at the lowest price, (and every resource we’ll create in the future), including:


#2 – PRIMAL PROVISIONS – weekly meal plans PLUS access to our entire archive of meal plans (nearly a year’s worth) and recipes (over 250 and counting)

#3 – THE CHATTER Subscription PLUS access to our full archive of back issues

#4 – Access to the WEEKLY GROUP COACHING SESSIONS with Dr. T, aka the “clinic chat”

#5 – Unlimited participation in the JUMP START Challenges

#6 – Unlimited participation in the KETO BLAST Challenges

#7 – Access to the Migrai-Neverland BOOK CLUB (monthly)

#8 – Private Migrai-Neverland FACEBOOK GROUP

#9 – Professional and community SUPPORT

#10 – The ROADMAP TO MIGRAI-NEVERLAND (a step-by-step guide for how to make the most of all of our resources, based on where you are in your journey).

WHO IS IT FOR? People who are sick and tired of suffering from migraines and want to maximize their chances of slaying the Beast for good by using every resource at their disposal.

HOW TO GET IT? Click here to learn more about Migrai-Neverland, and to become a member.


Watch the video below to take a tour through Migrai-Neverland

What Path is Right for You?


So to help you think about how to best use these resources, I think an analogy will be helpful.

Imagine that you’d like to become a really good photographer. After buying a camera, your next step would probably be to buy a book on photography to acquire the necessary foundational knowledge.

After reading the book, are you then an expert photographer? Of course not. There’s still much to be learned about how to put that knowledge to use.

You still have to build the necessary skills and behaviors needed to take really great photos. At this point, there are two paths you could choose:

Path 1: The DIY Approach

One way is to learn those skills and behaviors on your own. It may take longer, and you may make more mistakes along the way, but with patience and persistence you could learn how to implement that knowledge entirely on your own, supplementing with available resources when necessary.

Path 2: The Guided Journey

The other way would be to take lessons from an expert photographer, where you’re provided with guidance as to how to best implement the knowledge you’ve learned from your text. This approach will improve your odds of success, helping you to either avoid or better learn from the inevitable mistakes you’ll make.


Similarly, there are also two viable paths to becoming an expert Beast Slayer. Whether the DIY or Guided approach is best for you, in much the same way as we can think of training to become an expert photographer.

Path 1: The DIY Approach to the Migraine Miracle

Who it’s good for: If you’re fiercely independent, love solving problems, are a good and capable cook, aren’t worried about making mistakes, are able to set goals and achieve them with minimal to no support or accountability, and you have a good amount of free time on your hands (to devote to things like research and meal planning), then the DIY approach can very well work for you. It definitely has for some, including for some with years of chronic, treatment-refractory migraines.

How to do it: Begin with the primary text, which in this case is the book, The Migraine Miracle. Then begin putting it into action.

Supplement your knowledge and deepen your understanding of it by listening to the Miracle Moment podcast.

When you hit roadblocks, you might also browsing through prior issues of The Chatter (single issues can be purchased) for relevant discussions.


Path 2: The Guided Approach to the Migraine Miracle.

Who it’s good for: If you do well with the support, accountability, and collective wisdom that comes from being part of a group, if your free time is precious or limited, if you don’t like meal planning or would like ideas for well tested recipe ideas, and want access to expert guidance, then the guided approach is likely best for you.

How to do it: Begin with the primary text, which in this case is the book, The Migraine Miracle.

At that point, there are a couple of ways you could go. The first would be to begin putting the plan into action by taking part in a 30 day Jump Start Challenge, and begin working through the assignments in the Beast Slayer Training Academy along with your fellow challenge participants.

After the challenge, if it fit your needs, you might subscribe to Primal Provisions, to either minimize time spent with meal planning and prep, or to continue to build beast slaying food habits.

At some point, after implementing the foundation of the Migraine Miracle plan has become routine, you might sign up for a Keto Blast.

The other way to go, the way that provides the most support and guidance, would be to join Migrai-Neverland to gain access to all of our resources and challenges, and use the Roadmap to Migrai-Neverland to guide you through how best to use them.

What would I do?

Someone recently asked me how I’d start if I were new to all of this? If I were to go back in time to 2010 and I was new to all of this. Excellent question!

Now, I can’t help but be biased, but I’ll give you my honest answer. After flushing all my meds down the toilet (ha!), I’d grab a copy of the book, join Migrai-Neverland, and start the Beast Slayer Training Academy, then use the Roadmap to Migrai-Neverland to guide what to focus on and when (and take part in the Jump Start Challenge).

After several months, after having built up the 3 Pillars and removed the negative impact of the abortive meds, I’d see how I responded to nutritional ketosis by participating in the Keto Blast (and if I did well, I’d probably stay keto for several weeks or months more, using the keto meal plans from Primal Provisions).

When questions arose or I hit a roadblock, I’d ask them in the weekly Clinic Chat, and/or consult the Clinic Chat archives.

Why would I do this? Because this has been the approach taken by our most successful Beast Slayers, by those who’ve made the biggest transformation in the shortest amount of time.