Monday Migraine Miracle Minute — December 4, 2017

Welcome to the Monday Migraine Miracle Minute, where we’ll catch you up on the happenings of the past week!

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Primal Provisions Recipe Pick of the Week

Sloppy Joes

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Facebook Group Discussion

One of our Facebook Group members, Donielle posted this in our group:

I just want to take a minute to express my gratitude for finding The Migraine Miracle book and the resources associated with it. I have been suffering for 20 years and have tried “everything under the sun.”

Honestly, this was my last thing to try before resolving myself to a medicated, ‘just getting by’ existence. But here I am, just starting out and feeling like there might actually be hope. After taking 10 or so migraine cocktails each month (maxalt, ibuprofen, zofran & caffeine), I have not taken a single dose of anything for a little over a month and just made it through my first menstrual migraine (the very worst for me) DRUG FREE and with only 2 migraine days (both of which I was still functional).

I honestly can’t believe it. It almost feels like a fluke or something, but it sure has given me motivation to keep on going. I can’t wait to see just how far this can take me. I’ve lost so much of my life to migraines and the thought of minimizing that in the future literally makes me want to jump up and down with excitement!

Thank you so much for investing so much time and energy into something that appears to have the potential to literally change the quality of life for so many of us who suffer in this way!

Responses from other Facebook Group Members: 

From Lori L: So many of us can relate to this story. I too kept pinching myself, thinking it must be a fluke. A year and three months later, it just keeps getting better and better. I’m so excited you’ve discovered this. Best of luck for continued amazingness! And congrats on your progress!!!

From Melanie: Wonderful Donielle! I’m so happy for you!
I share your sentiments about Dr. T and Jenny and this program.
It gave me my life back too, and I continue to get better. It is absolutely amazing. Keep going!

From Michelle: Wow, so happy for your progress and more importantly your renewed hope. Your story is my story+20 years. My journey has been long and bumpy, but the end result has been amazing and wonderful. I know how uplifted you feel when you realize after years of pain, desperation and hopelessness that you really do have the power to change your destiny. You literally want to shout your success from the rooftops! Congratulations!

From Valerie: I totally understand how you feel! Really amazing!!! I always feel like crying when I remember how I used to suffer.

From Mary: Congratulations!! I can testify too- 18months without any med except for baby aspirin. I do have some “resting” days with a headache but not nearly as many days lost to painful migraine. I was able to add much more back into my life. It is a “miracle!” Have hope but know that it takes time and in my case a few hard lessons that I must never let sugar past these lips again.

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Beast Slayer of the Week

We’d also love to share a great story by someone who has made the commitment to find the path to Migraine Freedom! 

Migrai-Neverland member Clifford R. posted this:
“Interesting clinic chat this week covering exercise-induced headaches. This used to be a huge trigger for me: a weekly game of tennis and an aerobic session in the gym led to an inevitable migraine – so that was at least two a week guaranteed.
After the first couple of months on the MM plan (zero meds and low carb) these sport-induced migraines are truly a thing of the past. I mean zero – it just doesn’t happen any more. Sure, I still get migraines (though less frequently) but just not from exercise. That alone is truly life-changing for me and I’m really grateful to Josh Turknett and Jenny Turknett!”

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An excerpt from The Chatter:

Q: On the Migraine Miracle plan, is it possible to eat too much fat?

A: If we stick to the foods that a human would eat in his or her natural habitat (so animals and edible plants), then our appetite cues will be our most reliable indicators of “too much,” “too little,” etc.

Those feedback mechanisms have been honed over 2 million years to tell us when to eat, when to stop eating, what to eat, and so on in a manner that optimizes our health and chances of survival.

But, those feedback mechanisms are again designed for our natural habitat, including the food habitat. So if we’re sticking purely to those foods, then those feedback cues are your best guide.

It’s when you deviate from the natural food habitat where you can run into trouble. We’ve discussed before that animals in their natural habitat naturally regulate their body fat within a narrow range (“there are no fat squirrels,” for those of you who were at that chat).

And this is the same for humans – we will regulate our body fat within a narrow range in our natural habitat, guided by nothing more than our appetite cues, which are generated by the brain.

It’s when we deviate from that habitat that those cues become less reliable – so if you deviate really far, you have to do things like count calories to keep body fat in a healthy range.

Now, hardly any of us in this day and age will be sticking entirely to those foods of our natural habitat, from the purest standpoint. So it’s important to be mindful of when we’re deviating a bit.

And the other thing that’s important to know is what you mean by eating “too much fat” – I assume that means so much that it has a negative impact on health in some way.

And as is always true, it’s always possible to have too much of anything (including water and oxygen). So, for example, if you were to eat a diet of only fat, then you’d miss out on key proteins and amino acids that are necessary for survival.

But, unless there were something seriously disrupting the brain’s feedback systems, you’ll start craving protein long before that sort of thing would happen (and you’d start finding fat increasingly unpleasant).

So the big underlying take home message here is, our brain/body is almost always going to be smarter than we are. IF we give it the types of the things it expects (the natural habitat of a human), then it will regulate almost everything for us in a way that optimizes health.


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