You’re Awesome!

You're Awesome

Welcome to the Migraine Miracle family! We’re so happy you’ve found your way here (and be sure to check your email for the guide we just sent you – if you don’t see it, check your spam box!).

If you’re new here, and you’re fighting a battle with migraines, your life is about to change forever.

Step 1 –> Get Connected!

Don’t do this alone! This battle is so much easier to win when you’ve got people to support you.

If you’re not already in there, be sure to click the button below to join our Facebook group. It’s full of tons of great people who are also implementing the tools and resources here to fight — and win — their battle against the migraine beast.



Step 2 –> Subscribe to the Podcast

The best place to start learning more about The Migraine Miracle is to listen the Miracle Moment, a weekly podcast dedicated to slaying the migraine beast once and for all. Click here to subscribe to it (click the “view in iTunes” icon once you’re there to get to the subscribe button.)

1) The Migraine Miracle Moment, Episode 1. The Miracle Moment is a weekly podcast all about slaying the migraine beast for good. 

For a good introduction and overview of what The Migraine Miracle is all about, click here to listen to Episode 1: “Is Migraine Freedom Without Pills Possible?”

2) Stacy’s Miracle Story. Scores of people have now used the Migraine Miracle plan to go from chronic, daily, debilitating migraines to migraine freedom. 

To many familiar with migraine, such a thing seems impossible. I sure used to think so.

That’s why I think the stories of those who’ve been through it are so powerful – they give you a glimpse of what the future holds if you put the plan into action.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Stacy reclaimed her life from the Beast, going from daily, unrelenting migraines with near daily medication to medication freedom. Click here to listen to Stacy’s Remarkable Journey from “Rock Bottom.”

Step 3 –> Get Inspired

Click here to be inspired by more incredible stories of people using the Migraine Miracle plan to end chronic migraines and slay the beast once and for all.


We’ll talk again soon,


Dr. Josh and Jenny Turknett

p.s. – if you’re looking for the quickest and easiest way to get started with the Migraine Miracle plan, click here to check out Primal Provisions, our weekly Migraine Miracle meal plan service.