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Welcome to Migrai-Neverland!

With this forum we're welcoming you into our world, so you can reap the same benefits we've experienced, using the RECIPES we create, the PRODUCTS we love, and all the food and life HACKS we've discovered along the way, while avoiding the pitfalls that threaten our migraine-free existence.
One of our frustrations since we happened upon this way of preventing migraines is that we could only reach just the tiniest fraction of people who could benefit from this: office patients, and interested friends and family.
But with the book and now with this growing community of support and guidance, we've found a means impacting more lives, giving thousands more the tools they need to end their life with migraines.
We firmly believe that we can put an end to migraines, for everyone, everywhere. But for that to happen, this movement must grow.
We take comfort in knowing that migraines will never have control over us again. 
That we'll never have to worry about the insidious weight gain that many consider a "normal" part of getting older.  
That we won't have to worry about lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.
That the same changes that keep the migraine beast away are also giving us the best possible chance of a healthy and happy existence.
Our lives have been impacted in so many ways for the better since implementing these changes over five years ago now. And we've learned so much along the way. 
And the Migrai-Neverland community gives us the best means for sharing everything we've learned with you. 
We'll be honest, when we launched Migrai-Neverland in November 2015, we didn't know what to expect.
We dreamed of succeeding where the modern health care system had failed.
We dreamed of sparking a movement, one that could give hope to migraine suffers everywhere.
The results thus far have blown us away. 
Members who'd battled chronic migraines for decades, who'd been through everything modern medicine had to offer, achieving results they never thought possible. 
                        Is this group right for you? Consider the following: 
* ARE YOU STRUGGLING with recurring, at times debilitating, headaches?
* DO YOU WORRY about the health effects of taking medications long-term?
* WOULD YOU BENEFIT from professional guidance, including weekly live group coaching sessions?
* DO YOU PREFER NATURAL approaches that address the ROOT CAUSE of a problem, rather than pills that cover up its symptoms?
* HAVE YOU TRIED EVERYTHING under the sun for your migraines, and feel frustrated and lost because nothing ever seems to work for more than a little while?
* ARE YOU CONCERNED about the influence of the drug industry on health care, and how that affects the advice given to you by doctors?
* DO YOU PREFER treatments that are holistic, and that take into account your overall health, not just a single component?
* DO YOU PREFER to take an active role in your own health, rather than hope the system will be able to fix you when you break?
* DO YOU BELIEVE, DEEP DOWN, that you CAN win your migraine battle, and are ready to TAKE ACTION to make that happen?
* DO YOU WANT AN ALTERNATIVE, DRUG-FREE approach to ending chronic headaches, but also one that's grounded in medical science?
* WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW how you can use the Migraine Miracle plan to MAXIMIZE your overall health - from reaching your OPTIMUM BODY WEIGHT to preventing chronic diseases - to become the best version of yourself possible? 
* WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE on the ground level of a growing movement that promises to change the future of migraine treatment for the better?
* WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE part of a community of migraineurs who know just what you're going through, who've made the same commitment to their health as you have, and who will provide you the encouragement, support, and accountability you need to achieve long term success?
* DO YOU BELIEVE there's no better investment than investing in your own health and wellness?
* ARE YOU READY to implement and stick with a new way of living in the interest of better health and a brighter future?
* CAN YOU BE a positive contributing member of our community, who will provide support for others when they need it?
                    If so, welcome. Welcome to the Migrai-Neverland family

Don’t Take Our Word For It - from our MIGRAI-NEVERLAND Members...

      Lisa G's story...



"My headaches became chronic (3-4 per week) at the age of 22....I tried everything I could think of: chiropractors, acupuncture, at least 3 neurologists and other doctors, massage therapy, preventative medications from every known migraine-approved category...NOTHING HELPED.
Several years of defeat and bouts of depression followed...
"Now I'm busy catching up on life and being productive with my time. I can focus on tasks and think clearly in the absence of brain fog and head pain. If you had told me I'd be at this point a year ago, I WOULDN'T HAVE BELIEVED YOU!"
My husband and two children love having a happier, pain-free wife and mommy.
If you're reading this and feeling like you're not where I am yet, DON'T GIVE UP! The life of a pain-free head is worth the time and dedication it requires."

Lisa G.

Migrai-Neverland Member

      Jody W's story....
"I went from specialist to specialist trying to get assistance for these debilitating headaches which caused me to lock myself in a cool room for 3 days until they broke....
..a laundry list of drugs which caused awful side effects and didn't decrease the frequency of the migraines. personal neurologist is busy and only had 15 minutes every 6 months to talk with me. After 18 years, he was out of ideas."
"I'M A NEW PERSON! I have control of my life! I'm at my ideal weight!
"I don't have to worry whether I have enough medication to get me throught to the next refill because I don't need it anymore!
I don't have to worry about whether I will be able to make an event because I may not feel well. My friends and family can count on me to be available to them."

Jody W.

Migrai-Neverland Member

     Kip D'S story...



"I have to share my progress, as I WAS A SKEPTIC...I have suffered from migraines for about 30 years...crushing headaches I could count on whenever I exercised, a pressure system rolled in, and/or I was exposed to the many allergens I've struggled with. 


When I wasn't suffering the migraines, I was EXHAUSTED from the Triptans. My neurologist was always stumped by my case and was constantly making suggestions that DID NOT WORK." 



"I have been in the gym working out vigorously...NO MIGRAINE.

Last night was what BLEW ME AWAY...I held our large german shepherd in my lap to administer meds then cleaned up our garage stirring up a ton of dust and the garage was 90 degrees for the 2.5 hours I was in there working. Any one of those activities was a guaranteed migraine the next day. I AM FINE TODAY!!! I am simply BLOWN AWAY!

"In addition to the migraine relief, I have lost weight and the CRAZIEST and most UNEXPECTED benefit have been my allergies have almost VANISHED.

I am so GRATEFUL at the changes that have occurred in my physiology and in my life."



Kip D.

Migrai-Neverland Member

Here's Exactly What You'll Get as a Member of the Migrai-Neverland Family

  • WEEKLY GROUP COACHING SESSIONS with Dr. T (our most popular feature!).
  • Access to a community of support from members who know just what you're going through.
  • Shortcuts to success by using what we've learned after five years of research and Dr. T.'s experience with over 10,000 migraine sufferers.
  • Access to downloadable transcripts from all past coaching sessions.
  • Answers to your recipe, cooking and diet questions. 
  • Access to our ever-growing recipe archive.
  • Meal plans (including our newly created Keto-plan) with grocery lists.
  • Strategies and recipes for getting the entire family on board.
  • Holiday and party planning menus and recipes.
  • A look at what we stock in our own pantry and fridge.
  • Our favorite Migraine Miracle friendly products.
  • The option to be paired with an accountability partner to keep you on track.
  • A place to share your success stories and a chance to learn from the successes of others.

You can cancel anytime. 


After registering, you'll receive information about getting right into the forum! Welcome!


We look forward to personally guiding you on your journey to migraine freedom.



Dr. Josh and Jenny Turknett