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In the video below, Dr. T, author of the best-selling book The Migraine Miracle, gives a tour of all the beast-slaying tools you'll get inside of Migrai-Neverland

Join Our Beast Slaying Family

Migrai-Neverland includes the recently completed Beast Slayer Training Academy. Watch the video to learn more about it! AND the new Migrai-Nevercast Podcast exclusive for members with recording of the Beast Slayer Training Academy modules!

Dear Beast-Slayer-In-Training,

Since releasing the Migraine Miracle in 2013, we've listened to our community of migraine beast slayers about how we could further help them implement the plan, and get on the path to migraine freedom.

In 2014, we launched Migrai-Neverland, with the goal of creating the premiere resource for those wanting additional support and guidance.

Since that time, we've continued to create new tools and resources based on the feedback from our community, each time making them available at no additional cost to our Migrai-Neverland members (click here to read the stories of those who've put these tools into action to slay the beast for good).

That means the perks of being a member have only grown since we first launched, and it means they will only continue to grow in the future.  

So if you want to become part of a group of people as committed to finding their pill-free path to freedom as much as you are, then come join the Migrai-Neverland family. 

Slay the Beast!

Dr. Josh & Jenny Turknett

As a Migrai-Neverland Member, you'll have access to our entire arsenal of Beast-Slaying resources, including:

  • FREE participation in all of our popular 30-day challenges ("Keto Blast," the Migraine Miracle "Jump Start," and "Back to Basics") so that you can get the extra community support and guidance you need, any time you need it. See below for the full 2020 Challenge Schedule!
  • A subscription to Primal Provisions, our weekly Migraine Miracle meal plan, which includes a menu for the week, grocery lists, and step-by-step prep day instructions (click here to learn more about Primal Provisions) so that you know you'll always have nourishing, beast slaying meals at the ready, and not be tempted to revert back to old habits
  • The PRIMAL PROVISIONS ARCHIVE - all of our past weekly meal plans to choose from (the Primary, Keto, and Basic plans) so that you never have go hunting online for recipes you hope are going to be migraine safe. There are 33 weeks of menus and over 300 recipes in the archive currently!
  • Access to the Clinic Chat, our weekly group coaching sessions headed by Dr. T. Ask your questions beforehand, and during our discussion so that you can chat with and get to know people who understand what you're going through, and continue to build your arsenal of beast slaying strategies.
  • "The Chatter" Archives - all past issues of The Chatter, our weekly transcript from the clinic chat, so that you have access to all the many nuggets of wisdom from prior coaching sessions. Click here to view a list of all prior editions and topics the archive. There are currently 126 issues of the Chatter in the archives!
  • Private Migrai-Neverland members only Facebook group and private members only chat rooms on our website, so you can talk with and bounce ideas off of other committed beast slayers

Purchased separately, these would come to over $100 per month. With the 6-month Migrai-Neverland subscription, you'll bet getting all of it for just under $34 a month.

That's the whole kit and kaboodle for 75% off

Lastly, Migrai-Neverland members are also given first priority to schedule with Dr. T for one-on-one mentoring sessions.  

$199 for 6 months

(auto-renews unless you cancel prior to renewal)


See our 2020 Challenge Schedule for Members!


Q: What happens after I join?

A: You will create a username and password when joining, which you will use to access Migrai-Neverland. After logging in, you will come to your Migrai-Neverland member page.

From there you'll be able to access all of your paid resources from your member home page, including the complete Primal Provisions meal plan and recipe archives, the complete archives of "The Chatter," the members-only chat room, the weekly "clinic chat" group coaching session with Dr. T. 

There will also be a link on your member home page to book one-on-one sessions with Dr. T.

Q: How do I join the 30 day challenges (Keto Blast, Migraine Miracle Jump Start, and Back to Basics)?

A: You will find links to register for the next challenge (no extra cost) on your member home page. 

Q: How do I book a one-on-one session with Dr. T?

A: Migrai-Neverland members also have the option of scheduling one-on-one sessions with Dr. T. There's a direct link for scheduling from your Member Home page.  

Q: What's the cost?

A: A Migra-Neverland membership is $199 every 6 months. That's about 80 cents a day to have access to our entire arsenal of Beast-Slaying resources. 

Q: How do I cancel?

A: There's a cancelation option on your Member Account page, which is linked directly from the Member Home page. We don't require a 30 day cancellation notice like most places, we just ask that you cancel before it auto-renews if you plan to cancel.

Q: What if I am already subscribed to Primal Provisions? 

A: Because those menus will now be included with your Migrai-Neverland Membership, you'll need to go into your Member Account (linked on Migrai-Neverland home page) and cancel those subscriptions.