Clinic Chat Live: Exercise & Migraines

Join us for our Upcoming Live Clinic Chat Discussion!

LIVE WORKSHOP: Exercise & Migraines

What You Need to Know!

Some of the topics in this session include:

  • Strategies for preventing exercise-induced migraines
  • How to maximize the athletic/exercise benefits of an ancestral diet
  • How to maximize the effectiveness of exercise as a migraine relief strategy
  • Strategies for exercising in the heat
  • Do I need carbs before exercise? 
  • What should be eaten to promote muscle recovery after exercise?
  • Can you use the Starve & Sink Strategy with exercise-induced migraines? 

So how can you attend?

These Clinic Chat Live Workshops (plus our weekly Clinic Chat Q&A sessions) are included as part of membership to Migrai-Neverland.

But we’re also opening this one up to non-members.

The price is only $39 if you purchase now, or $49 if you purchase the day of the workshop.

However, because this is a live session, we only have a limited number of spots. Which means we may sell out.

So, if you know you want in, go ahead and claim a seat.   

A Zoom link will be emailed to participants in advance.

After the workshop, you’ll also receive a PDF download summary of the information presented.