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Jump Start Challenge October 15: 

Our 30 Day Challenge to train you on implementing the program. This is the only place you can get the Jump Start menus, which are the recipes we recommend that you use in Phases 1-2 (as opposed to those in Primal Provisions or in the book.) We recommend all members take this challenge at least once, but most do it 3-4 times since there is so much information and you’ll want to focus on implementing certain aspects of the program each time you undertake the challenge.

Movement Challenge October 15: 

Great for ALL of us! Will run concurrently with Jump Start- fine to do both!

Holiday Challenge Nov. 19-Jan. 2:

We will navigate the stresses and challenges that the holidays bring. How to adhere to the plan amidst busy schedules, “helpful” family input, stressful times, and family meals. We will provide Thanksgiving meal plans, holiday appetizers, and other meal plans to get you through Thanksgiving, the December holidays, and New Years!

Ketoblast Challenge Jan. 14:

Learn to do keto the migraine-friendly way! This challenge is based on Dr. T’s “Keto for Migraine” book.

Look for an email from us at 4 p.m. on the first day of each challenge for more info on how to participate!

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