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April 6: Mental Diet Reboot

In a recent post, I introduced the idea of our mental diet – essentially, what we feed our minds each day. I think you can make a strong cases that this aspect of our lives may represent the most significant mismatch in today’s world.

In just a couple of decades, both the quantity and quality of information bombarding our minds has changed massively.
It would be astonishing if this change in our mental diet didn’t have profound effects on our mental health. But given the pace of this change, it will be quite some time before we learn the full range of those consequences.
That said, we shouldn’t wait until then to clean up our mental diet.
But what does that actually entail? What exactly is a healthy mental diet? What are the key areas of mismatch in this area? How do we know if our mind is getting enough of what it needs or too much of what it doesn’t?
These are the questions we’ll explore together in our brand new upcoming challenge! We’ll take stock of our own mental diets to see if they’re giving us the nourishment we need and, if not, to understand what changes we need to make to ensure that it does.
Mark your calendars: the challenge launches Saturday, April 6 – look for our kick-off email that  at 4 pm.
April 20: Jump Start Challenge
Because we have some new members and we want EVERYONE to go through the Jump Start Challenge at least once, we will be running another one of these challenges next month, which will overlap with the Mental Diet Reboot Challenge. Most of our members participate in this challenge multiple times as it can be a great way to reset, troubleshoot, or recommit.​

May 25: Movement Challenge
Until you incorporate movement into your routine regularly, you may not realize what an important factor it can be in slaying the beast! ​We will use this month to explore ways to incorporate exercise into your life and hopefully inspire ​each other to stick with it!

As with all of our challenges, you do not need to sign up in advance. You will automatically receive an email from us at 4 p.m. (Eastern) on the day the challenge ​starts with instructions on how to join in!

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