Clinic Chat Live: The Histamine and Migraine Connection

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LIVE WORKSHOP: The Histamine & Migraine Connection

What you need to know!

There’s a decent chance you’ve heard the term “histamine intolerance” before. In the world of migraine, it’s sometimes blamed for bringing on visits from the Beast.

But what does the science say? Is there a link between histamine intolerance and migraine?

It’s another one of those topics where confusion abounds, thanks in part to the indiscriminate usage, and the unparalleled myth-making potential of the internet.

So the objective in this Clinic Chat Live is to try to clear the confusion, to separate fact from fiction and get to the truth of the matter!

Some of the topics covered include:

  • What is histamine?
  • What’s the relationship between histamine intolerance and migraines?
  • Is histamine intolerance even a real thing, or just an innocent scapegoat?
  • How can you tell if histamine intolerance is a problem for you?
  • How should you modify your diet to deal with this issue? 

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