Clinic Chat Live: Preventatives

Join us for our Upcoming Live Clinic Chat Discussion!

LIVE WORKSHOP: FAQs about Preventative Meds

Because we receive so many questions about Preventative medications and how they fit into the Migraine Miracle Program, we wanted to delve into this topic further with our community.
Some of the topics and questions answered during this workshop include:

  • At what point should one wean off of PREVENTATIVES and what SIDE EFFECTS to expect?
  • What are some reasons and strategies for ELIMINATING PREVENTATIVES?
  • Can PREVENTATIVE medications be an obstacle to success with the Migraine Miracle program?
  • Can PREVENTATIVE medications be an aid to success with the Migraine Miracle program?
  • Can the brain recover from years of taking NORTRIPTYLINE?
  • What MEDICATIONS can contribute to REBOUND besides TRIPTANS?
  • Potential Long Term Side Effects of AMITRIPTYLINE ​​ ​​


So how can you attend?

These Clinic Chat Live Workshops (plus our weekly Clinic Chat Q&A sessions) are included as part of membership to Migrai-Neverland.

But I’m also opening this one up to non-members.

The price is only $39 if you purchase now, or $49 if you purchase the day of the workshop.

However, because this is a live session, we only have a limited number of spots. Which means we may sell out.

So, if you know you want in, go ahead and claim a seat.   

A Zoom link will be emailed to participants in advance.

After the workshop, you’ll also receive a PDF download summary of the information presented.