2020 Migrai-Neverland Challenge Schedule

Below is our schedule of challenges for 2020 for our Migrai-Neverland members. The challenges have been one of our most popular features of membership, and many have cited them as a key piece in their transformation. Unlimited participation in these challenges, and all of the challenge related materials, are included as part of membership to Migrai-Neverland.

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The goal with these challenges is to build our knowledge about topics critical to health, well being, and migraine protection, and together, through mutual support and accountability, build key habits that will continue after the challenge is completed.

2020 Migraineverland Challenge Schedule



January 2020 – “Jump Start”
February 2020 – “Keto Blast”
March 2020 – “Sleep”
May 2020 – “Breaking Rebound”
June 2020 – “Cooking”
July 2020 – “Jump Start”
August 202 – “Keto Blast”
September 2020 – “Movement”
October 2020 – “Mindset & Meditation”
Nov, Dec. 2020 – “Holiday” Challenge