Slayer Squads

By request, Jenny (a.k.a. Mrs. T.) is offering a new level of support and coaching for Migrai-Neverland members: Slayer Squads.

The Slayer Squad was created to serve our members who were wanting extra coaching, increased accountability, and the opportunity to connect with other members in a small group setting.

Upon signing up, you will be sent a questionnaire to help place you in a small group. We will assign groups based on what goals you’re working on, time zones, and other predetermined criteria to ensure the best fit for all.


“One thing you might want to consider is joining one of the smaller groups run by Jenny. (I don’t think they have announced when the next one will be but I do know they are planning on running more of these smaller groups.) We are a group of 5 (including Jenny💕) and it has been a game changer for me. We check in with each other every day and share tips and advice on how to keep going. I have been on the program for a couple of years and felt like I was stuck…not anymore! This group is motivating me to stick to the program and develop lifelong habits. I am so grateful to my fellow ‘beastslaying goddesses’ and Dr. T. and Jenny.”

~Sue F. (current small group member)


Group members will come together in a dedicated Slack group with Jenny where we can chat privately each day to check in on how things are going. We will also use the Habit Share app for another layer of support and accountability. 

We will use the group to check in on progress, troubleshoot, answer questions, and to just get to know one another as we come together as a support network.

This will also provide us an opportunity to connect and share our journals, new stories, and thoughts in a small, private, small-group setting.

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Slayer Squads are open to any Migrai-Neverland member. As long as you are committed to implementing the Migraine Miracle Program, we welcome you to join us! (Note that you must maintain your Migrai-Neverland membership to remain part of the group.)

This opportunity is especially geared for those who: 

  • Want more external accountability
  • Want extra support, coaching, and connection
  • Want a more personal experience
  • Aren’t on Facebook
  • Aren’t comfortable sharing on Facebook but would like to learn and reflect in a group setting
  • Want to connect on a deeper level
  • Need help modifying the meal plans for special circumstances (when possible)


Once you sign up, you’ll receive a link to a questionnaire to give us a little more information about where you are in your journey and what goals are your current priority.

We will need a minimum of four people per group and will cap each group at seven people.

If you register and we do not meet the minimum to form a group for that session, we will refund your participation fee. 

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Because we want to maintain group continuity, we offering participation in the Slayer Squads  for two months at a time. So, you’ll pay $299 for a two- month period. This membership does not auto-renew. You will need to sign up for another session if you would like to continue. However, you must maintain your auto-renewing Migrai-Neverland membership during the squad period in order to remain eligible to participate.

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We ask that participants be the migraineur (not the spouse/parent) and that they be 18+ years of age. Additionally, all of our community expectations will apply, including our commitment to keeping commenting positive, avoiding “middle-of-a-migraine” troubleshooting posts, and refraining from requesting personal medical advice. 


Jenny Turknett is also known as “Mrs. T” around these parts. As a fellow migraine sufferer and wife to Dr. T, she has been part of “The Migraine Miracle” since its inception.

She has mentored hundreds of Migrai-Neverland members with Dr. T and has been delighted to see them slay the beast! She also manages many of the challenges, including the Jump Start, and runs The Migraine Miracle’s community groups. 

A former food critic and food writer for The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Jenny now puts those skills to work developing all of the recipes for the Migraine Miracle Program. 

Disclaimer: This group is for coaching and educational purposes only, and cannot provide specific medical advice.