Introducing “The Chatter”

The Chatter


Getting the Inside Scoop

It’s been a thrill for us to see many of our Migrai-Neverland members make the journey from chronic migraines to migraine freedom.

And the feature of membership that’s almost always cited as essential for that progress has been our weekly group coaching sessions, a.k.a. the “Clinic Chat.” This is the time every week in Migrai-Neverland where we get together for a question and answer session.

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In the Clinic Chat, members post their questions in advance, and I provide my best answers.

And every week, we ALL learn something from it (myself included!), and have lots of fun. For many, the information provided inside these chats have provided the keys for unlocking their migraine freedom pathway. Many times, it was the discussion of a question or issue they’d never even thought of that led to a major breakthrough.

These are answers to some of the most burning questions that folks moving through the timeline of migraine freedom have. It includes deep dives into the topics covered in the book and on the blog, as well as questions unique to specific situations.

It’s a place where we can dig into the finer points of how to use the plan to slay the beast, where everyone can learn how to further customize the plan to meet their individual needs.


Introducing “The Chatter,” transcripts from the Clinic Chats

Since all of our members are unable to attend those group coaching sessions, we post a transcript of the entire coaching session for members to download (each one typically 10 to 15 pages in length).

Recently, while perusing the transcripts from the past year, we realized that they were a tremendous resource for migraine sufferers, a treasure trove of material that you couldn’t really find anywhere else, and highly targeted for those who are using the Migraine Miracle plan to slay the beast.

So now we’re making it possible for you to both support the Migraine Miracle mission and get access to those weekly transcripts! Become a subscriber for just $14 per month ($3.50 per issue) and you’ll receive 4 issues of The Chatter every month.

Your support also means you’ll be helping to ensure that this site can continue to bring you scientifically backed information on migraine relief that’s free of industry bias, and can continue to bring that information to those who need it most.


*** CYBER MONDAY bonus – the “Clinic Chat Greatest Hits” ***

What’s more if you sign up today, you’ll also receive our “Clinic Chat Greatest Hits,” a compilation of some of our most frequently asked questions, as a complementary bonus.

It includes 10-pages of some of the most commonly asked questions in our group coaching sessions, covering common topics like rebound headaches, gluten-free eating, preventative medications, intermittent fasting, salt intake, dietary fiber, food allergy testing, and dairy consumption.

Questions like:

  • Do I REALLY have to go gluten free?
  • Is there any long term damage from triptan use?
  • When will I know I’m out of rebound?
  • Does the diet help you get out of rebound? How do you know when it’s safe to take triptans or OTC drugs again?
  • Do preventative medications cause rebound as well?
  • Is drinking coffee as an abortive okay if you’ve been in rebound?
  • Do you advise drinking Bulletproof coffee? What’s your recipe?
  • Is it ok to take meds for severe nausea when in the midst of a migraine but trying to avoid a triptan?
  • Do we get enough veggies and fiber on this diet?
  • I had the controversial LEAP, MRT blood work done? Should I just ignore these blood results, and add these foods back in?
  • What do I need to know about the role of salt/sodium with the Migraine Miracle diet?
  • Do I need to buy “nitrite-free” bacon?
  • If you are in Phase 1, should you stay away from your food triggers?


To claim the bonus, enter the coupon code “monday” when you check out, and the “Clinic Chat Greatest Hits” will be immediately sent your way.

The first issue will go out Friday, December 9th.