Why Medications Are My Last Resort

by Josh Turknett, MD   “It’s hard to achieve wellness within a system that profits from our illness.” – Amanda Gelender   “When did your migraines start,” I asked Carol, a 41 year old customer service rep who’d come to see me for chronic headaches. “Not until I was 37,”she said. They started out of … Read moreWhy Medications Are My Last Resort

How To End A Rebound Headache

First, let’s recap part one. Here are the 7 Warning Signs You’re Having Rebound Headaches: 1. Your headache is present upon awakening. 2. Your headache has become exquisitely sensitive to movement, or physical activity. 3. Your headache pain is more spread out than usual, and oftentimes seems to concentrate in the back of your head, towards the … Read moreHow To End A Rebound Headache