The Kick Sugar Summit


About the Kick Sugar Summit

In many ways, the story of sugar is following the story of cigarette smoking beat for beat. 

First it seemed like a harmless indulgence. 

Then some disturbing research began to emerge revealing it to be anything but harmless. 

Then that research was suppressed by the industry, partly by paying off prominent scientists to support the industry’s PR campaign. 

Ultimately, though, the evidence became too powerful to ignore. Voices once silenced began to speak out, and the cat was out of the bag. 

While the story of sugar is about 20 to 30 years behind that of smoking, I see no reason why the story of sugar won’t continue to follow in its footsteps, and I fully believe the average person will view sugar like we now do tobacco in 20 to 30 years. 

But, there are many of us who’d like that story to come to its inevitable conclusion much, much faster! 

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking part in the “Kick Sugar Summit,” which launched today, and goes until June 14 (edited: it will air again June 17-21!). 

The Summit includes interviews from 40 health experts from around the world (my interview will air June 20th). 

Registration is free, and allows you to watch all the videos as they’re released. To sign up, just click the link below:


Also, while I know you’re likely well aware of the risks of sugar (the Beast gave us an unfair advantage here), you probably have many friends and family that you care about who aren’t.

This is a great opportunity to help them. Simply direct them to the above page I’ve linked (or share this page) and they too can register to watch all of the videos.

Altogether, it should be a great resource for those trying to kick the sugar habit, and it should provide more than enough reasons for doing so!