Migraine Movement Challenge with Racery’s Virtual Race

May is Movement Challenge time inside Migrai-Neverland. As we discuss in the Beast Slayer Training Academy, Movement is an essential ingredient in the Migraine Miracle Beast Slaying plan! (And as we’ll talk more about in the coming months, a necessity for slaying those pesky menstrual migraines!)

For our movement challenge we will be partnering with Racery, a company that hosts virtual races for health and fitness. We will challenge our members to get outside and move, and to log mileage within the race. We will be able to track each other’s progress, engage in some friendly competition, and cheer each other on!

We’ve been test driving Racery in preparation for this challenge, and it has some really cool features that we’re excited for everyone to see. (See a sample race here.)

Also during this 30 day challenge, we will be readingPlay: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul” for our Migrai-Neverland book club. 

Join us for our virtual race with Racery and our Movement Month inside Migrai-Neverland. Membership will also enable you to begin our Ketoblast Challenge starting on June 2!