Author: Jenny Turknett

A Story of Persistence (Anne’s Migraine Miracle Story)

Hear Anne’s inspiring story of persistence and commitment to the process of healing. This Migrai-Neverland member, Beast Slayer Training Academy and Keto Blast graduate, Anne shares her inspiring beast-slaying story in this episode of the podcast. LINKS MENTIONED:  MIGRAI-NEVERLAND, our premier resource for those who want to find their pill-free path to migraine freedom (including […]

Sleep Challenge Sign Up

You’re all signed up to receive emails for the Sleep Challenge!   (Please be advised that this challenge is not like the Jump Start and Ketoblast, so there won’t be a daily email.) ​​ Here are the other steps you should take: 1. We are going to be sharing some of our content for this challenge […]

Tips for a Migraine-Free Holiday Season

Hear some of Dr. T’s strategies for navigating the holiday season festivities without encouraging a visit from the Beast! Join Migrai-Neverland now to participate in our annual holiday challenge complete with Migraine Miracle holiday recipes, strategies for managing cheats, stress, gatherings, and input from friends and family. Learn more about Migrai-Neverland here:

Do we become more sensitive over time?

This question comes from one of our Live Clinic Chat conversations with our Migrai-Neverland members. It’s a great question and tackles some key concepts about the Migraine Miracle Program. Links Mentioned in this Episode: Learn more about Migrai-Neverland here: Exercise & Migraine: What you need to know (live session): to learn more and register, […]

3 Ways to Know if You’re Fat-Adapted

In this episode, Dr. T answers a common question posed by our members: “How do I know if I’m fat-adapted?” Dr. T also explains why so many aren’t fat-adapted, why it’s important, particularly for the migraineur, and how to get there. Links mentioned in this episode:  *Migrai-Neverland:  

Are Cured Meats and Sunlight Migraine Triggers?

This week we bring you an excerpt from our live Clinic Chat Q&A with our members. In this episode, Dr. T answers questions about potential migraine concerns with cured meats (and what to do about them) and flickering sunlight as a beastly trigger. Links mentioned in this episode:  Migrai-Neverland membership where you can ask questions […]

Answered: Protein Hacks and Superfoods

This week we bring you another excerpt from our live Clinic Chat Q&A with our members. In this episode, Dr. T gives some protein hacks and discusses how to use our Migraine Superfoods List. He also tackles questions about whether Soy and Sunflower Lecithin in products are to be avoided and how long poor sleep […]