10 Tips for Attending Parties Without Getting a Migraine

-POP (2)It’s that time of year. The parties are about to commence. And so are the migraines? Not necessarily.

Follow these ten tips for sticking to the Migraine Miracle eating plan so that you can avoid the dreaded migraine that will ruin your holiday fun.

Prepare in Advance:

1. Be careful to follow the eating plan faithfully in the few days before the party.

We all take a few more “risks” during celebrations and special occasions. Knowing that this is the case, keep yourself well below your migraine threshold by not taking any in the days leading up to the party.

2. On the day of the party, make your meals beforehand low carb (or fast).

This strategy has worked so well for us. Our culture tends to celebrate with carbs. So, knowing that you may be tempted to consume higher-carb foods at the party, stick to a lower carb plan at other meals the day of the party (or even the few days before the party).

3. Eat a high-fat snack before you go.

Don’t go to the party hungry as this will only lead you to make poorer choices once you’re there.

4. Make and take a Migraine Miracle dish to share.

Even if you aren’t attending a potluck, most hostesses will appreciate the gift of an appetizer or other dish to share. And if you make it, you can control the ingredients.

5. Bring your own crudite for dips and spreads.

Appetizers often include dips and spreads that you can enjoy… but the crackers, crostini and other vessels for them often contain gluten. If you bring your own stash of veggies for dipping (or make a pretty plate of them to display and share), you won’t have to forego those options.

6. Tell the host/hostess in advance that you avoid gluten so that he/she is sure to offer something you can enjoy.

I know, you don’t want to be a pest and inconvenience your host/hostess. But, in truth, if you broach the subject carefully and gently make it known in advance that you eat gluten-free, your host/hostess will be much more at ease than to have a guest present who can’t eat anything (speaking here from experience!). This is also when you can offer to make a dish or two to bring and share.

At the party:

7. Choose higher-fat, moderate protein options.

Choose the options that are going to satisfy your hunger and help you to continue making good choices throughout the event’s temptation.

8. Fill up on “best-for-you” options first.

Before loading up your plate, scope out the offerings and consider which items are the most Migraine-Miracle-plan friendly. Eat those first.

9. Go easy on your known triggers.

You’re likely to take more risks in your food choices at an event, which will put you closer to your migraine threshold. Therefore, if you know that certain foods are a trigger for you (nuts, aged cheese, balsamic), then skip those altogether.

10. Drink plenty of water!

This is one of the easiest ways to help protect yourself from the beast!

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