An Introduction

Who are you and why are you doing this?

My name is Josh Turknett. I’m a neurologist, headache specialist, and migraine sufferer, among other things. My wife is Jenny Turknett. She’s a food writer and restaurant critic, former caterer/event planner, and migraine sufferer, among other things. A few years ago I made a surprising and humbling discovery about the link between diet and migraines – one that was so profound for me and the others who’ve also experienced it, I was compelled to write a book about it.

What is

This website serves primarily as an extension resource for the book. It has a blog, where I’ll delve into some of the book’s topics in more detail, and discuss any manner of things related to ancestral health and migraines. My ultimate goal is to give you every tool at your disposal to slay the migraine beast.

I’ve also been eating this way for several years, and am fortunate to be married to a woman who is both an excellent cook and a prolific inventor of new and tasty recipes. As a family, we’ve amassed – and continue to amass – a great collection of dishes that fit well within the guidelines outlined in the book. Some of these were shared in the book. Others we will continue to share with you on this site.

What was the discovery you made?

My discovery was that an ancestral diet – one that is both nutrient-dense and low in toxins – is the best method for preventing migraines…by a long shot. Migraines, like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and many other diseases that strain our bloated healthcare system, are a disease of civilization. And, like the other other diseases of civilization, they are preventable.

Migraines are a product of our modern lifestyle and diet. Humans that live and eat as humans did before civilization and the agricultural revolution don’t experience migraines. As such, if we also adopt the diet and lifestyle to which our bodies are best adapted to, we won’t experience them either.

Wow, how were you smart enough to discover that?

I wasn’t. It was completely by accident.

Isn’t the “paleo diet” just another scientifically baseless fad diet that will fade away in a few years?

Not at all, for two main reasons:

1. It’s a logical extension of the most ironclad principle of modern biology.

2. It works. People lose weight. People feel better. Usually a lot better. Peruse the success stories over at Mark’s Daily Apple or Perfect Health Diet and you’ll find scores of folks who not only have lost weight and gained energy, but who, through diet alone, have conquered chronic diseases from Diabetes to Rheumatoid Arthritis. What’s more, it is self-reinforcing – a return to prior eating habits typically brings about a host of unpleasantness, exerting a powerful negative feedback effect. In short, unlike true fad diets, people stick with it.

As a physician, I’m primarily interested in one thing: helping my patients lead healthier lives. And at a time where chronic diseases of lifestyle (obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome) continue to grow at an alarming pace, we need something more than just a pharmaceutical band aid. We need to do more than just nibble at the margins of our burgeoning health care crisis. We need to address root causes. Ancestral diets do just this.

Trust me, this isn’t going anywhere.

Why did you marry a cartoon?

Because of my wife’s position as restaurant critic for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, her likeness is a closely guarded secret. We could reveal it to you but then, well, you know what would have to happen next…

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