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Is Tasty Food Really Bad For You?

This is how things are supposed to work: You’re a hunting and gathering human being, out in the wild. You come across a brightly colored but unfamiliar object dangling from a tree. It looks potentially edible. Is that good for me, you wonder? You take a tiny bite. It’s delicious. One of the best things […]

Summer Superfoods Salad with Roasted Salmon

  I don’t know about you, but every time I go into a Whole Foods, I’m tempted by their salad bar. And the number one temptation for me is their superfoods salad, which inspired this version. You’ll feel great after eating this colorful, summery salad full of nutrient-rich foods. As an added benefit, it holds […]

Coconut Collards with Fried Chickpeas

Often our meals consist of a melange of whatever looked good at the butcher counter thrown together with whatever goodies came in our weekly produce box. But as a restaurant critic, I’m fortunate enough to sample the creative genius of many chefs and am occasionally inspired to recreate the flavors of their dishes in my […]

Project Chicken: Buffalo Chicken Salad

We typically buy free-range chickens from local organic farms, which cost $15-20 each. Therefore, we try to get the most bang for our buck from our birds. As you’ve seen, we roast them and make stock from them. We also use the leftover meat (usually dark) to make chicken salad. And since we do it […]

An Introduction

Who are you and why are you doing this? My name is Josh Turknett. I’m a neurologist, headache specialist, and migraine sufferer, among other things. My wife is Jenny Turknett. She’s a food writer and restaurant critic, former caterer/event planner, and migraine sufferer, among other things. A few years ago I made a surprising and […]