Keto Clarity: A Resource Long Overdue




Keto Clarity on the Migraine Miracle


[message_box color=”blue”]I recently had the pleasure to chat with Jimmy Moore on his “livinlavidalowcarb” podcast, which went up yesterday. Jimmy has been a champion of the low carb lifestyle for years, himself reaching his weight loss goals after years of failed attempts following the conventional “eat less, move more” guidelines.  [/message_box]


Despite the fact we’ve known of the tremendous potential of a ketogenic diet for treating neurological disorders for roughly a century, it’s tragically been relegated to the sidelines in the game of conventional medicine, yet another victim of our irrational fat-phobia. Reaching and maintaining ketosis requires a significant departure from the USDA and AHA guidelines on macronutrient consumption, you see, which leaves any health care provider who dares recommend it in a difficult spot. So, at least in traditional medicine, it’s been viewed as a therapy reserved only for extreme cases – a desperate measure to adopt when nothing else will help.

As a result, those looking to reap the potential health and weight loss benefits of ketogenic eating have been left to fend for themselves, with few resources to assist them. But that’s changing. With his new book Keto Clarity, Jimmy and co-author Eric Westman, M.D. have written a fabulous resource for those interesting in going ketogenic. Jimmy spent a year in nutritional ketosis as part of his research for the book, and is able to provide the kind of practical advice that can only come from such first-hand experience. The book is also filled with insightful commentary from an array of experts.

As a neurologist, I think there’s huge potential here. We already know the benefits that ketosis can provide to those with migraines and seizures. But there’s also reason to believe it may a role to play in a whole host of other neurological disorders, and there’s ongoing and promising research being conducted on its role in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, as well as in the treatment of brain malignancies.

So, it seems a virtual certainty that, as the research mounts and fat-phobia erodes, the medical community will soon be advising a lot more patients to adopt a ketogenic diet. And, with Keto Clarity, they now have the resource they need to ensure their success in doing so.