Migraine Miracle Reviews: Inspiring Early Feedback on The Migraine Migraine

Migraine Miracle Reviews

I’ve now gone three weeks without so much as a tension headache! I’m in heaven. My brain is so happy, and I have loads more energy, just from eating differently. I could go on forever about the way I’m eating now and the reasoning behind it…

– from the blog of Britta G.

When I first decided to write The Migraine Miracle and start this blog, my primary goal was to provide an additional resource for my patients — one that would give them every opportunity to conquer their migraines for good.

I had discovered a novel method for migraine prevention that could transform their lives, and I wanted to provide them with every possible means to succeed with it.

An office visit just isn’t enough time to convey the material adequately, nor to provide my patients with all the tools they would need to ensure their success. And, there were no existing published materials on eating this way for migraine relief that I could direct them to.

In addition to my primary goal of helping my own patients, it was my hope that the book would provide a needed resource for migraine sufferers outside my own practice. As someone who has dedicated his life to helping those with neurological illness, I feel obligated to deliver this message to as many migraineurs as possible. If I could help those outside my own practice as well, then that would just be icing on the cake.

My expectations have already been exceeded.

Though the book is only 3 months old, the early reader feedback has been inspiring. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of the reports from around the web, and from readers who’ve shared their results with me.

Heather, on her blog, “Capricious Reader”, rated it as the book that had the greatest impact on her in 2013, and had this to say:

I don’t typically read self-help/health books, but my migraines became something to not be lived with this past year and I was getting desperate. What Turknett has to say makes a lot of sense (in some ways, I’m still not quite down with going completely paleo) but cutting out the gluten did the job. No more migraines. It seems a high price to pay, until I eat some and get a migraine.

From Britta , on her blog “Milk Tea and Musings”:

The clincher was a book I found at B&N about Migraines, “The Migraine Miracle.”….After having about a migraine a week (and at its worst, every day) and worrying about constant anxiety attacks, I’ve now gone three weeks without so much as a tension headache! I’m in heaven. My brain is so happy, and I have loads more energy, just from eating differently. I could go on forever about the way I’m eating now and the reasoning behind it (because science says that conventional wisdom is WRONG and that bothers me) but I’ll save you that rant and just leave some links at the bottom of this post in case you’re interested. As a bonus addition to the migraines and panic attacks disappearing, I’ve lost 10 pounds in the past 3 weeks and I am no longer cranky after eating. No more afternoon crash! It’s wonderful.

Reader Ann writes in her email:

…your diet is the only thing that has helped me despite seeing all kinds of doctors and taking many medications, pharmaceutical and natural.

From Lynn at Goodreads:

I began following the Migraine Miracle plan (I don’t think of it as a diet) on January first. I’m on day seven, and so far, no migraines or any headaches at all! I have energy, I’m sleeping well, and I feel good. The plan isn’t hard to follow, and the breakfast smoothie recipe is delicious. So far, I’m optimistic!

Vanessa at Goodreads writes:

I know it’s still early, but this is the best I’ve felt in many, many years. I’ll be 50 next year, and my migraines started in my teens. So I don’t think I’ve gone this long without a headache since I was twelve, nor have I had this much energy since then, either. And the nine pounds I’ve lost were not unwelcome, either. Needless to say, I’m still giddy 🙂

Fred writes at Amazon:

I’m over 40 and have had regular migraines since I was a young kid….At first, it was really hard – since so much of my diet was carbs – but once I made the shift (the food suggestions in the book really help) it got easier after a few days. In addition to the bonus of losing a little bit of weight, I feel much better throughout the day and the nearly daily “low grade” headaches are gone too. So far, I no longer have the up-and-down swings (which Josh hypothesizes are blood sugar / insulin swings) that precipitate a migraine. It’s too early to completely declare victory over migraines, but early signs are very positive. My goal is nothing less that “migraine zero” and I feel I’m off to a good start. This book is well written, well organized and really makes you understand that Josh has completed a “migraine zero” journey.

Reader Carmen reports her results thus far:

Only three episodes during the first month and some days of a different headache (on the front) for some days. Now I’m going on successfully with no Migraines (this is the second month). Now I have discovered and read your book and I want to thank you because it has permitted me to understand the mechanisms that occur in our body which causes Migraines. It is the best book I’ve ever read that describes so perfectly the triggers and the unstable or unpredictable “behavior” of migraine

Ariel on Amazon writes:

I’ve been searching for many years (doctors, books, medications, etc.) for something to make a dent in my migraines, and I think I’ve finally found what I was looking for. And not something you’ll hear about anywhere else that I know of. Highly recommended!

Huge thanks to everyone who has taken time out of their day to share their experiences with the book. I am grateful and humbled.

Let’s keep it going!

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4 thoughts on “Migraine Miracle Reviews: Inspiring Early Feedback on The Migraine Migraine

  1. Anna

    I read the book and started the diet about 5 weeks ago now, and it’s been wonderful. My friends and family are starting to get sick of me talking about it!

  2. MHarris

    I’m very glad your book is doing well – i bought it and enjoyed it, but I have a question. I discovered paleo/primal before I read your book, and started that back in October. I have lost weight, and generally feel better, but paleo didn’t make a significant dent in my migraines. Perhaps because I was consuming a lot of the generally recognized food triggers, such as caffeine, dark chocolate, bananas, bacon, nuts, onions, citrus, MSG, along with an extremely stressful job? I never thought I had food triggers, but maybe I do. I eliminated all those foods at the first of February, and I think it might be helping, but it is slow going. I feel a bit more deprived than I did with just paleo, but it will be worth it if I can identify some triggers, and then maybe add some stuff back in. So to the actual question – have you run into this problem with anyone else? Am I just one of the odd, difficult ones? I am truly glad that paleo/primal/ancestral works for so many. I did see mentioned on a couple of paleo blogs that while most of the migraine sufferers who commented had success with paleo, there were a few that didn’t. Those were advised to be stricter with the known triggers. What is your experience with this?

    Thanks for writing your book, and your blog!

    1. Dr. T

      Thanks for kind words and your questions! The answer is yes – while the majority of folks will note a dramatic reduction in migraines after transitioning their diet, there are a small minority who still experience migraines after doing so. Usually we can identify the reason, and after addressing it can eliminate them altogether.

      I have an upcoming blog post planned to cover this issue, but in short the culprit in most of these cases is one of three things:

      1. Rebound headaches – where a medication taken for migraine relief continues to perpetuate the migraine cycle. Though this varies to some extent with the kind of medication, in general anything taken more than once a week for a migraine can either put you or keep you in the rebound cycle. They’re pure evil. In this instance, I recommend elimination of the offending medication along with ketogenic range carbohydrate restriction until the headaches are clearly gone.

      2. Menstrual migraines – for some women, these are the last headaches to go. They typically occur within a few days prior and up to a few days after the menstrual cycle. In this case, I recommend carbohydrate restriction in the peri-menstrual time. Intermittent fasting, which my wife does for hers, also works.

      3. Diet heavy in the traditional triggers – while an ancestral diet will substantially lessen the impact of many of the traditional triggers (particularly the second tier ones), if you happen to be naturally drawn to many of them, you may still be consuming enough to trigger migraines (i.e. – put enough small balloons on your basket and it’ll bring you past threshold). Also, some folks have an idiosyncratic sensitivity to a particular trigger, and finding what this is can be the key. In this case, there are a couple of options. The first is an elimination diet, in which you eliminate all the potential triggers, and then add them back in one at a time once your headaches are better. The other is to keep a diligent trigger diary (using something like the trigger tracker worksheet or app I created), to see if you find a common thread in each migraine.

      You also mention stress, which is also always huge, and an Achilles heel for some. I’m a big proponent of mindfulness based practices, and will be posting more on this in the future.

      Best of luck to you. As I said, I have seen folks in your shoes, but with a little analysis and effort we’ve been able to defeat the beast.

      Fine print: these are general recommendations and should not be construed as specific medical advice. 🙂

  3. MHarris

    Thank you for your reply! I plan on persevering until I find my trigger(s), and working on the stress! Looking forward to your post on mindfulness.

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