Miracle Story: A “Stunning” Transformation (Miracle Moment episode)

“It’s really been stunning. No headaches, tremendous energy, and frankly more joyfulness. A much more joyful lifestyle…it’s extremely encouraging.”


I’m delighted to share with you the first installment in the “Miracle Stories” series.

We have so many incredible stories in our community of folks implementing the Migraine Miracle plan to slay the beast once and for all, and we’ll be sharing these with you on these episodes.

Hopefully, these stories both demonstrate the kind of transformation that’s possible for those with chronic migraines, and serve as a continued source of inspiration as you forge your own path to migraine freedom and better health.

In this first episode, you’ll hear my interview with Gregory Acker. Gregory has battled chronic migraines all his life, for years requiring frequent headache medications just to remain able to function at home and at work.

It’s a story I know many of you will know all too well, as it’s almost an inevitable outcome of the way in which migraines are currently treated.

But, as he can now attest, it doesn’t have to be that way. Gregory refers to his recovery from chronic migraines and the way in which the changes he’s made have impacted every aspect of his life for the better as “stunning.” I know the feeling!

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • The value of going “all in” on the plan
  • The hidden advantage that migraineurs have when it comes to doing hard things
  • The true cause of “tension” headaches
  • The two big keys to his major breakthrough
  • Gregory’s recommendation for accelerating your journey to migraine freedom