Monday Migraine Miracle Minute — March 20, 2017

Welcome to the Monday Migraine Miracle Minute, where we’ll catch you up on the happenings of the past week!

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Primal Provisions Recipe Pick of the Week

Loaded Chicken Cauli Nachos: Get the recipe here!

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Facebook Group Discussion

This week on our Facebook page, Sheri L. posted this question:

Looking for some advice. On the MM diet I have stopped my daily prescriptions for migraines. I have also worked hard to not take medication for migraines except as a last resort. I am having issues with my shoulder and started physical therapy last Friday which set off a weekend-long migraine for me. My doctor’s recommendation is to take 600-800 mg of ibuprofen everyday to keep the inflammation down. I am terrified of starting the rebound cycle again. Especially after having to take a Maxalt on Saturday. The doctor also offered a steroid shot. I do not recall reading anything about steroid shots causing rebound. I am wondering if perhaps I might not need to take the ibuprofen if I get the shot. Any similar experiences or advice out there?

This post generated a great deal of discussion. Take a look at the post in our Facebook group to read all of the suggestions given by our members.

Sheri also happens to be a member of Migrai-Neverland, so we also addressed her question during our weekly members-only Clinic Chat.  You can see that answer below in The Chatter excerpts, as it will show up in a later issue of The Chatter!

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Beast Slayer of the Week

We’d also love to share a great story by someone who has made the commitment to find the path to Migraine Freedom! This great news was posted in our Facebook group this week by Beast Slayer Sue K.:

“Three weeks with no headache – that’s a world record for me!!! Met a friend for lunch yesterday who asked how I had the willpower to resist the basket of tortilla chips on the table. I explained I don’t see a basket of chips – I see a basket of migraines.”

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An excerpt from an upcoming issue of The Chatter:

Q: (See Sheri’s Question above)

A: So just as a reminder, I’ll give my thoughts surrounding this particular issue – as you know, I can’t give personal medical advice, but will tell you how I’d proceed in this sort of situation.

Like you, I am terrified of rebound. I also think that different medications lead to different types of rebound headaches, and I’m NOT a fan of the ones that happen with anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen.

And I’ve had experience (as have my patients) with Ibuprofen taken for another condition that has then led to the development of rebound. Also, though this is somewhat of a side issue, there is still debate over the use of anti-inflammatories for musculoskeletal injuries (since inflammation is part of the healing process).

That said, there are circumstances where it makes sense to calm down inflammation in an area, at least temporarily. Were I personally in this situation, my preference would be for a steroid injection. While there will be some systemic absorption, most of the effects will be local.

The issue with rebound and steroids is a little complex. The most common scenario neurologists use them is probably to help with getting someone OUT of rebound headaches, as a way of calming down inflammation (from rebound) gradually.

Long term use of steroids can also lead to headaches due to rebound inflammation that occurs after the steroids are withdrawn. Hence, in this scenario, steroids can cause them. So you’d always want to be using them on a short term basis. So another consideration would be to try a shot, and then if things still didn’t improve, do a short term steroid with a tapering dose (roughly 7 days).

Lastly, it’s also unlikely that the Ibuprofen would work if the steroids don’t. So, if I was going to do something to get the pain down, I’d go for the surer thing.

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Essential Reading

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