“I’m A New Person!” — Jody W.


It’s time for the next installment of our Miracle Monday series, where we feature YOU and your stories of triumph over the beast.

Today we’ll hear from Jody, another of the founding members of Migrai-Neverland, and an all-around amazing woman.

After 18 years of pain management, her personal neurologist was out of ideas. But Jody wasn’t ready to give up. 

Nope. At a time when many would be tempted to throw in the towel, she was still determined to find her path to migraine freedom.

In her own words, she realized “you don’t have to be a victim.”

We’ll let Jody tell you what happened next, along with the action steps she recommends you take now.

Can you share the history of your migraines before you adopted the Migraine Miracle plan?

Jody:  My migraines started in 1999, at age 43 when I had a major lifestyle change. 

It was a stressful period due to a multitude of life experiences converging at the same time.  It was then that I developed migraines which could not be resolved. 

I went from specialist to specialist trying to get assistance with these debilitating headaches which caused me to lock myself in a cool room for three days at a time until they broke. 

I suffered without relief for about 5 years and was then referred to a neurologist who prescribed the new triptan medicine that had come on the market.  The triptan was a life saver because it stopped the migraine! 

Beginning in 2004 I continued with the triptans to abort the migraines, but my neurologist also tried other prescription medications to try to prevent them. 

This lasted for 10 years…we’d try a new drug, it would not work; so we’d increase or decrease the strength, that wouldn’t work.  It was a laundry list of drugs which caused awful side effects and didn’t decrease the frequency of the migraines. 

The triptans continued to be successful with aborting them, but they came regularly.  I continued to search for relief, eventually in 2008, I obtained an appointment with a renowned headache specialist at Johns Hopkins.   

His advice to me was to stop taking triptans and manage my diet for best results.  I read his book but could not manage solution because I did not have the support system to do so.  My employment would have been at stake if I missed multiple days, therefore, going cold turkey with a triptan withdrawal didn’t seem plausible.  Nor was I able to understand how to manage the diet journal with a long list of what to eat/not to eat. 

I continued to rely on triptans and explored other holistic methods to try and reduce and manage the migraines.  In 18 years of migraines, I made three trips to the emergency room because the migraines were too severe to manage. 

My last trip to the ER was Oct 2014.  I was discharged, still experiencing the migraine and said to myself, “never again”.  I Googled “migraine management” and found the Migraine Miracle.

How have things changed since discovering The Migraine Miracle and joining Migrai-Neverland?

Jody: I’m a new person!  I have control of my life! 

I don’t have to worry whether I have enough medication to get me through to the next refill because I don’t need it anymore! 

I don’t have to worry about whether I will be able to make an event because I may not feel well.  My friends and family can count on me to be available to them.

What benefits have you experienced beyond the effects on your migraines? Has it affected any other aspects of your life for the better?

Jody: My diet is greatly improved and I am better informed about what types of food are better for my body.  I am no longer tempted by potato chips or processed cookies!  I’m enjoying baking my own Paleo cookies and drinking my protein smoothies.

And, I’m at my ideal weight!  I had struggled for years with “the same 10 pounds”.  Amazingly, I lost those 10 pounds and am eating bacon, butter and have developed a love of coconut milk! 

I stay full longer and am eating so much better.  Getting off of the artificial sweeteners and low-fat foods has been a game changer.  Who knew I could drink coffee without sweetener?

What have you enjoyed most about being a Migrai-Neverland member?

Jody: The Migra-Neverland forum has been so helpful!  Having real-time access to a top neurologist has been fabulous!  I appreciate getting my questions answered and have seen migraine issues introduced by other members which I had no idea would be of impact and importance. 

My personal neurologist is busy and only had 15 minutes every 6 months to talk with me; and after 18 years, he was out of ideas! 

He may not have appreciated I was in triptan rebound and I continued to try and figure out why I was continually suffering.   

I believe this basic, holistic treatment, healing with food is the answer. It certainly has worked for me!

What’s the top piece of advice you would give a migraineur who is just beginning to find their path to freedom?

Jody: My top advice for anyone suffering is this: 

  • Read the Migraine Miracle thoroughly.
  • Get your diet under control following the MM diet.
  • Get out of triptan rebound if you are a sufferer.
  • Join a support migraine group like Migrai-Neverland.
  • Recognize you’re a migraineur (it’s genetic) and that you must lead a lifestyle to successfully manage this condition. You don’t have to be a victim, you can beat this and enjoy your life!


We appreciate Jody sharing her story and her top tips for taking action to conquer the migraine beast!


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