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From “Living on Pills” to Migraine Freedom (Jan’s Migraine Miracle Story)

Her migraines were daily, she could no longer work, and she was “living on pills” just to get by. Then, Jan decided she’d had enough. Audio only: LINKS and RESOURCES mentioned: MIGRAI-NEVERLAND, our premier resource for those who want to find their pill free path to migraine freedom (including the new Beastslayer Training Academy): […]

The Wall of Inspiration

I can talk until I’m blue in the face that migraine freedom is possible for anyone. But I know that nothing is more powerful than hearing stories of people who’ve done it. Many of the stories on this page represent the toughest of the tough cases. People with chronic, daily migraines for years. People who’d tried […]

“I’m A New Person!” — Jody W.

It’s time for the next installment of our Miracle Monday series, where we feature YOU and your stories of triumph over the beast. Today we’ll hear from Jody, another of the founding members of Migrai-Neverland, and an all-around amazing woman. After 18 years of pain management, her personal neurologist was out of ideas. But Jody wasn’t ready […]

“Everything Has Changed” — Lisa G.

As you know, we believe mindset is critical to progressing along the Migraine Freedom Timeline. To get to Phase 4, you’ve gotta believe it’s possible.  We’ve said before that there’s a path to migraine freedom for everyone. But we know believing that, deep down where it matters most, isn’t easy.   Yes, we try to provide as […]