Author: Jenny Turknett

Summer Superfoods Salad with Roasted Salmon

  I don’t know about you, but every time I go into a Whole Foods, I’m tempted by their salad bar. And the number one temptation for me is their superfoods salad, which inspired this version. You’ll feel great after eating this colorful, summery salad full of nutrient-rich foods. As an added benefit, it holds […]

Custard-style Pumpkin Pancakes

Back in the days before we switched to a migraine-free diet, we enjoyed pumpkin pancakes every weekend, particularly on crisp fall mornings like this one. Our daughter looked forward to these breakfast treats and lamented their disappearance when we eliminated them from our cooking repertoire. But also a fan of custard, she rejoiced when I […]

Tart Chicken and Chickpea Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

Here’s a full-flavored, high-protein salad you can throw together this summer. It’s one of our standard beach eats because it’s fast, feeds many and is filling enough to sustain us for more fun in the sun. This salad also provides another good use for leftover dark meat from roasted chickens. The sharpness of the raw […]

Coconut Collards with Fried Chickpeas

Often our meals consist of a melange of whatever looked good at the butcher counter thrown together with whatever goodies came in our weekly produce box. But as a restaurant critic, I’m fortunate enough to sample the creative genius of many chefs and am occasionally inspired to recreate the flavors of their dishes in my […]

Kid friendly Recipe: Stuffed Banana Crepes

What the heck do you feed your kids? That’s a common question we get. And the answer is… It depends. Our younger child started an ancestral diet early enough that he didn’t form such strong attachments to junky foods. Our older one still looks for approximations of the omnipresent pound cake or snack crackers. We’ll […]