“Everything Has Changed” — Lisa G.

LisaGAs you know, we believe mindset is critical to progressing along the Migraine Freedom Timeline. To get to Phase 4, you’ve gotta believe it’s possible. 

We’ve said before that there’s a path to migraine freedom for everyone. But we know believing that, deep down where it matters most, isn’t easy.  

Yes, we try to provide as much support, guidance, and encouragement, but there are few things as inspiring and motivating as the story of someone who’s made it happen. Someone who’s battled the beast for much of their life, and has now emerged victorious.

We have the unique privilege of getting to hear those stories all the time, and it’s time we started sharing them with you, to help give you a jolt of inspiration.

So today we’re introducing our new “Monday Miracle series,” where we will feature YOU. We will periodically introduce you to migraineurs who have found their own path to freedom and slayed the migraine beast.

Today, in our inaugural episode, we meet Lisa G., a courageous, open-minded, action-oriented slayer of beasts.

Lisa is one of the founding members of Migrai-Neverland (our exclusive membership community). She also just had her third child on April 2 (conceived, incubated, and birthed in ketosis, no less!). Huge thanks to her for letting us share her story so that we can all benefit! We learn just as much from our community members as they do from us.

So, without further ado, here’s Lisa…

Tell us about the history of your migraines before you adopted the Migraine Miracle plan.

Lisa: I’ve had headaches since adolescence. I can remember coming home from school sometimes needing a nap to sleep off the pain, and downing a Pepsi afterwards for energy.

As a teen, I thought headaches were a normal part of growing up. I never knew what a migraine was, and never considered that I could have a debilitating disease.

My headaches became chronic (3-4 per week) when I started a PhD program at the age of 22. A friend noticed my suffering and gently encouraged me to seek a professional diagnosis: migraines.

My research-oriented brain went into problem-solving mode for the next 8 years. I tried everything I could think of: three chiropractors, acupuncture, at least three neurologists and other doctors, massage therapy, preventative medications from every known migraine-approved category, quitting grad school, getting married and having kids (Ha! No, this isn’t a cure!), gluten-free diets, trigger-free diets, regular exercise, and my own research. Nothing helped. I was still getting on average 3 headaches per week (all sorts: migraines, tension, brain fog, cluster, ice-pick, etc.).

Several years of defeat and bouts of depression followed, during which I grieved my genetic predisposition.

How have things changed since discovering The Migraine Miracle and joining Migrai-Neverland?

Lisa: Everything has changed since discovering the Turknetts’ book in June of 2015. Mustering up some hope, I bravely opened the cover of “The Migraine Miracle” and began reading, never suspecting that the instantaneous miracle I was praying for would require discipline and re-education concerning my anti-fat bias.

Since I did not follow the diet perfectly, I still had a migraine about once a week. But, for the first time in my life, I was able to identify what triggered migraine onset—usually too many carbs and not enough fat!

I’ll never forget accidentally eating an apple on an empty stomach in my first month of the diet and, several hours later, having a migraine. What an eye-opener! The link between carbs and migraines could not have been more obvious to me after that. For about two months I had a significant reduction in migraines, and then, surprise! My husband and I found out we were expecting our third child, which means only about the first month of my Migraine Miracle diet was actually pre-pregnancy.

But, that month of freedom was enough to convince me that Dr. Turknett’s method worked, and I wanted to get better at it! Now, with seven months’ practice and a membership to Migrai-neverland, I’m almost 38 days without a migraine, experiencing my best pregnancy ever!!

Considering that my past two pregnancies were full of migraines, I’m convinced I have Dr. and Mrs. Turknett to thank for getting my life back. And, belonging to the forum is waaaaaay cheaper than any doctors I’ve seen. 

Now I’m busy catching up on life and being productive with my time. I can focus on tasks and think clearly in the absence of brain fog and head pain. If you had told me I’d be at this point a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed you!

What benefits have you experienced beyond the effects on your migraines? Has it affected any other aspects of your life for the better?

Lisa: My husband and two children love having a happier, pain-free wife and Mommy. I used to get angry and impatient with my kids as a migraine was approaching, but now that extreme has faded.

In addition, I cooked Jenny Turknett’s pecan crusted chicken last week, and my husband proclaimed that I had mastered the art of French cooking! He has never been to France…

Concerning pregnancy, I started to doubt that I could eat low-carb in my first trimester. After all, I had lost nearly ten pounds on the ancestral diet, and the scale didn’t seem to be able to move in the other direction! So, for two weeks I cheated…a lot!

I started to experience migraines and nausea again just like I had throughout the entirety of my first two pregnancies! I started taking Triptans; the daily headaches returned. Desperate, I went back to the ancestral diet, weaning off Triptans. And guess what? My migraines AND nausea stopped! Coincidence? I think not!

Though I lost weight in my first trimester, my hunger increased significantly in my second trimester, and I’m now at a healthy weight gain for my current status of 8 months pregnant.

What have you enjoyed most about being a Migrai-Neverland member?

Lisa: Migrai-Neverland is a place of healing, questioning, accountability, and comradery.

The weekly clinic chats allowed me to ask some questions that were burning in my mind after reading the Turknetts’ book.

The members of the forum are uplifting, sympathetic, and know what you’re going through. Plus, many of us have been successful and have hope to share. There’s a discussion thread for anything and everything: recipes, personal journals, carb counts, fit bits, reading material, research discussions, tips and tricks, testimonies, rebound information, and rumors of new features such as a book discussion club and more information on ketone research. How could I pick only one favorite thing?!

What’s the top piece of advice you would give a migraineur who is just beginning to find their path to freedom?

Lisa: Don’t give up, and have patience with yourself if you make a mistake.

My journey took time, and no one gets out of rebound overnight. It takes experience and knowledge to learn how to eat right and what to avoid. If you’re reading this and feeling like you’re not where I am yet, don’t give up! I didn’t do everything perfectly at first and had to relearn how to cook and what pitfalls to avoid.

I read “The Migraine Miracle” three times over, and you may need to as well. The life of a pain-free head is worth the time and dedication it requires.

You can do it!


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