Monday Migraine Miracle Minute — April 3, 2017

Welcome to the Monday Migraine Miracle Minute, where we’ll catch you up on the happenings of the past week!

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Primal Provisions Recipe Pick of the Week

Chicken Philly Lettuce Wraps – get the recipe here!

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Facebook Group Discussion

Back in February Paul H. asked people to share their experiences with the Cefaly device. This week he checked back in to provide an update on how it has been working for him: 

It’s been about a month since I started using the Cefaly device in combination with the Migraine Miracle Diet. Almost immediately I started seeing positive results as defined by fewer migraines. It clearly seems like my migraine threshold is increasing by a significant amount by using the device. I used to frequently feel like I was on the edge…teetering between getting a migraine or not. My headache status now feels much more stable & farther from migraine. That said, it’s clear to me that the most important tool to preventing migraines is the MM Diet…

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Beast Slayer of the Week

We’d also love to share a great story by someone who has made the commitment to find the path to Migraine Freedom! This great news was posted by Beast Slayer Steve A.:

I noticed a difference within the first week, the floating feeling and brain fog started to diminish. I haven’t had a full blown vertigo attack since I started the diet. After 2 + years of vestibular migraines/migraine associated vertigo, MAV, or whatever we’re calling it, it took this diet to make any real progress toward healing. I have been on this diet for about 6 months now with VAST improvement! I no longer take daily meds and I haven’t had to resort to a triptan for a couple of months. It’s the closest I’ve felt to normal since this nightmare started…

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An excerpt from The Chatter:

Q: I am reluctant to reduce carbs below 60, as when I did I felt quite unwell. Can I use MCTs to attain some degree of Ketogenesis? And how would I do that?
Answer from Dr. T: 
MCT oil (and coconut oil – CNO – as well, which you can also get in liquid form) can certainly provide some of the benefits of ketosis.

The effects are just not as lasting. I typically consume around a couple of tablespoons a day (one of which is in my smoothie or morning coffee).

Also, as you may know, most folks will experience some degree of malaise, etc. when transitioning to a very low carb diet, as all the biochemical machinery needed to operate effectively has to be brought up. So in all likelihood that’s what you were experiencing – I find that MCT/CNO can provide an energy boost in that situation also.

Both MCT and CNO contain the medium chain fatty acids that are converted in the liver to ketones.

MCT is synthesized, liquid CNO is made from coconut oil (removing the fats that solidify at room temp).

FYI – I find MCT oil to have a greater effect on “gastrointestinal motility” than coconut oil, so just something to be mindful of.

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Essential Reading

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