Keto for Migraine Questions Answered

In honor of our upcoming Ketoblast 30 Day Challenge, Dr. T answers questions about the Ketogenic Diet and how to use it correctly for migraine prevention.

This episode answers these questions from our members during our live clinic chat sessions: 

*What are some keto plans to be avoided?

*How to use MCT oil: what to do and NOT to do

*How to get into keto without provoking the beast with excess energy?

Links mentioned in this episode: 

        • Migrai-Neverland membership where you can ask questions and participate in the chat, as well as get access to our many resources including our “Keto for Migraine” audio book in our private members’ only podcast feed:
        • Dr. T’s book “Keto for Migraine“: 
        • Our 30-Day Ketoblast Challenge: