The 3 Pillars of Migraine Freedom

In this episode of the Miracle Moment, we review the “3 Pillars of Migraine Freedom.    Links mentioned:   MIGRAI-NEVERLAND, our premier resource for those who want to find their pill free path to migraine freedom:

The Migraine Miracle “Jump Start” challenge and Beastslayer Training Academy:   Migraine Miracle Facebook group:   Find amazing and inspiring Migraine Miracle success stories, and download the guide to getting started at   The Ultimate Guide to Migraine Freedom:   7 Warning Signs You’re Having Rebound Headaches:   11 Drug-Free Strategies for Ending a Migraine:   PRIMAL PROVISIONS, or Migraine Miracle meal planning service:   PRIMAL PROVISIONS Recipe of the Week (Gyro bowl with lamb meatballs):   The BOOK that started it all, The Migraine Miracle:

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