Author: Josh Turknett, MD

Finding Your Migraine Triggers

“Migraine diaries” are considered to be an integral part of migraine treatment. In theory, this makes sense. Knowledge is power, right? Problem is, most migraine diaries are too detailed to be useful, and as a result most people don’t end up using them for long, if at all. They typically ask you to record all […]

Carbohydrate Counts from The Migraine Miracle Recipes

Carbohydrate restriction and the resultant blood sugar stabilization and ketone production can offer another level of migraine protection – another arrow in your quiver to fire when needed. As promised in the book, here are the carbohydrate counts (listed as grams of carbohydrates) for each of the recipes from The Migraine Miracle for those of […]

What are Migraines, Part 2: Classic Migraine Symptoms

First of all, let’s recap the take home points from part 1: Migraines happen in normal brains Migraines are the result of a malfunction in pain processing, or specifically pain processing in reverse Migraines are weird.    So we’ve established that, with migraine, everything is thrown on its head. Pain doesn’t mean what we normally […]

What are Migraines, Part 1: Migraines are Weird

Right off the bat, I think it’s important that we acknowledge that migraines are a bizarre and perplexing biological phenomenon. As anyone who’s had one knows, they are oftentimes excruciating, agonizing, and debilitating – features that would lead you to believe they serve a very important biological function. Yet, they appear to have no functional […]

An Introduction

Who are you and why are you doing this? My name is Josh Turknett. I’m a neurologist, headache specialist, and migraine sufferer, among other things. My wife is Jenny Turknett. She’s a food writer and restaurant critic, former caterer/event planner, and migraine sufferer, among other things. A few years ago I made a surprising and […]