Author: Josh Turknett, MD

Migraine Miracle Reviews: Inspiring Early Feedback on The Migraine Migraine

I’ve now gone three weeks without so much as a tension headache! I’m in heaven. My brain is so happy, and I have loads more energy, just from eating differently. I could go on forever about the way I’m eating now and the reasoning behind it… – from the blog of Britta G. When I […]

What are Migraines, Part 3: The Great Mimic

So, to recap what was said in Migraine Basics, Part 1 and 2: Migraines happen in normal brains Migraines are the result of a malfunction in pain processing, or specifically pain processing in reverse Migraines are weird A classic, fully expressed migraine consists of four phases: prodrome, aura, pain, and postdrome   To sum up, […]

Introducing the Migraine Trigger Tracker App

Recently, I introduced the trigger tracker worksheet – a simple and straightforward headache diary with one goal: to identify your own personal set of migraine triggers. Now I’m pleased to announce the release of the Migraine Trigger Tracker App for iOS devices. For those of you following the ancestral diet advocated here and in the book, […]