Author: Josh Turknett, MD

Reader Success Story: “The First Relief I’ve had in YEARS”

[message_box color=”blue”] One of the most thrilling things that’s happened since releasing the book are the reports from readers who have put the migraine miracle plan into action and changed their lives for the better. From time to time on the blog, I’ll be posting some of the stories from folks who’ve written in to […]

Road Trippin’ Migraine Free: How to navigate the roadside migraine minefield

It’s that time of year. School is out, which means families from coast to coast will be packing their suitcases, loading up the rooftop carrier, and heading out for their summer vacation adventure. But danger lurks. Inside every gas station procured bag of Cheetos or drive-thru cheeseburger awaits a migraine ready to strike, ruining your […]

Migraines and the Hypothalamus, Part Two: From an Ancient Place

Sparkling, half moon shaped objects. Expanding radiant blobs. Tingling fingers and lips. Even garbled words and sentences. This is the stuff of migraine auras, those bizarre, temporary neurological disturbances that often precede your throbbing head pain. People have been documenting their auras for nearly a millenia, though it’s likely we humans have been experiencing them […]

How to Choose the Right Migraine Medication: the Conclusion

In part one, we reviewed our over the counter options for migraine relief. In part two, we covered those that require a doctor’s scribble. And we concluded that, while most of our choices in both categories may be more trouble than they’re worth, some are worth remembering. But, even with things pared down a bit, […]

How to Choose the Right Migraine Medication, Part Two

In part one of this series, I reviewed the over-the-counter options for migraine relief. For some of you, these may represent a viable choice in certain situations. For others, not so much. That’s where the prescription medications come into play, which is the topic of today’s post. Up until quite recently, there wasn’t much difference […]

Interview on KCA AM-1050

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by psychologist and author Michelle Skeen on her radio show on KCA AM-1050 in Southern California where we cover a range of topics related to the book. The audio from that interview, which I thought some of you might be interested in taking a listen to, is […]

How to Choose the Right Migraine Medication: Part One

Long, unpronounceable names. A laundry list of potential side effects. Generic vs. brand. Standing in the pain relief aisle at the drug store can be an intimidating experience. There’s enough to ponder even when you’re feeling good. If your head is pounding, the level of difficulty is magnified tenfold. And while the best strategy is […]