Author: Josh Turknett, MD

Finding Your Unique Path To Migraine Freedom (Shawna’s Migraine Miracle Story)

Every person’s journey to migraine freedom is unique. In this week’s Miracle Story, Shawna explains how she’s using the Migraine Miracle resources to slay the beast for good. FULL EPISODE WITH TRANSCRIPT Miracle Story with Shawna L.mp3 transcript powered by Sonix—the best audio to text transcription service Miracle Story with Shawna L.mp3 was automatically transcribed […]

The Kick Sugar Summit

  About the Kick Sugar Summit In many ways, the story of sugar is following the story of cigarette smoking beat for beat. First it seemed like a harmless indulgence. Then some disturbing research began to emerge revealing it to be anything but harmless. Then that research was suppressed by the industry, partly by paying off prominent scientists […]

What Happens When You Go “All In” (Anne’s Migraine Miracle Story)

Lawyer, Nurse, Migrai-Neverland member, Beast Slayer Training Academy and Keto Blast graduate Anne shares her inspiring beast-slaying story in this episode of the podcast. LINKS MENTIONED:  The Keto Blast Challenge The 9 Primary Migraine Miracle RESOURCES: MIGRAI-NEVERLAND, our premier resource for those who want to find their pill free path to migraine freedom (including the […]