Italian Zucchini Boats Recipe

Click Here to Download the Recipe Need an easy weeknight meal? You’re going to love this one. Our Italian Zucchini Boats are stuffed with our “shortcut meat sauce” and fresh mozzarella. It’s easy to prepare in advance and then pop in the oven for a bit when you’re ready to eat. It’s also low-carb, coming … Read moreItalian Zucchini Boats Recipe

Thai Quinoa Meatballs — Two Ways

When we cook dinner at our house, we typically make enough so that we have extra for lunch the next day. When we pack up the leftovers, we portion them into containers ready to grab on our way out the door to work the next morning. It’s such an easy way to take care of … Read moreThai Quinoa Meatballs — Two Ways

Grilled Chicken Shawarma with Dill Tzatziki

Here in Atlanta, we are coming up on the hottest days of summer. It seems like it will be ages before it’s too cold to venture out to the grill. Nonetheless, we are seizing every chance we can to light up the coals.  In a pinch (or in the winter), you could roast this chicken … Read moreGrilled Chicken Shawarma with Dill Tzatziki

The easiest sauce you’ll ever make: Spicy Roasted Tomatillo Sauce Recipe

If the classic mother sauces have intimidated you, causing you to steer away from sauce making, here’s a manageable recipe for you. This is likely the easiest and most forgiving multipurpose sauce you’ll ever make. One of the best parts about it is that the ingredients are interchangeable, but the technique stays the same. Just … Read moreThe easiest sauce you’ll ever make: Spicy Roasted Tomatillo Sauce Recipe

Tart Chicken and Chickpea Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

Here’s a full-flavored, high-protein salad you can throw together this summer. It’s one of our standard beach eats because it’s fast, feeds many and is filling enough to sustain us for more fun in the sun. This salad also provides another good use for leftover dark meat from roasted chickens. The sharpness of the raw … Read moreTart Chicken and Chickpea Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

Shrimp, leek and lime-stuffed cabbage dumplings

If you want to break out of the routine and try something a little different, this is the recipe for you. The lime broth really lightens up these stuffed cabbage dumplings, making it an ideal summer supper. I love tying up the dumplings like little packages hiding their surprise filling. Don’t be intimidated, you can … Read moreShrimp, leek and lime-stuffed cabbage dumplings

Project Chicken: Buffalo Chicken Salad

We typically buy free-range chickens from local organic farms, which cost $15-20 each. Therefore, we try to get the most bang for our buck from our birds. As you’ve seen, we roast them and make stock from them. We also use the leftover meat (usually dark) to make chicken salad. And since we do it … Read moreProject Chicken: Buffalo Chicken Salad

Project chicken: roasting made simple

Chicken and eggs. Some say the mark of a true chef is in how well he/she can prepare the basics like eggs and roasted chicken. Some executive chefs even test new hires by having them prepare these very items. Don’t be intimidated by roasting a chicken. Maybe you haven’t had success in the past, but … Read moreProject chicken: roasting made simple

Creamy sweet potato soup with chipotle and orange

Here’s a soup to kick off the cooler months, one that would make a nice addition to your Thanksgiving menu. The soup has a little heat from the chipotle pepper, but you can adjust the spice level with the addition or reduction of the number of peppers used. The garnishes are my favorite part of … Read moreCreamy sweet potato soup with chipotle and orange