Ketogenic Diet VERSUS Fire

Ketogenic Diet (1)Earlier this year, as outlined in a recent post, I began the “Keto Experiments.”

There are several questions I want to answer for myself through these, answers that I hope everyone will benefit from.

One of those questions was just how much of an extra boost in migraine protection does ketosis provide. What is the full scope of the Ketogenic Diet’s power over the migraine Beast?

To help answer this question, my plan was to expose myself to some of my most powerful migraine triggers while I was in ketosis, and let the chips fall.

The plan was to do this in a controlled manner.

Mother Nature had other plans.

On March 1, as our family was winding down with our nightly bedtime routine, a bolt of lightning struck our home. All 1.21 gigawatts of it.

I was playing an electric guitar at the time, inside the room that was struck.

The guitar flew from my hands. A disturbing orange glow emanated from the ceiling overhead.

Our house was on fire.

Thankfully, our family (and pets) all made it out safely. But our home won’t be habitable for several months.

Needless to say, the month of March brought on a host of stressors I hadn’t prepared for: escaping from a burning home, consoling scared children and wondering what emotional scars they’ll carry with them, disrupted routines, sleep schedules, eating habits, and so on.

In other words, a perfect “storm” of migraine triggers.

I braced myself for the inevitable.

The migraine never came.

In a past life, before I’d discovered neither the wisdom of ancestral living nor the power of ketosis, I can’t imagine that outcome.

And while the “Keto Experiments” are still an ongoing project, I must say I’m more than a wee bit encouraged by the results thus far.

Things have thankfully settled down a bit for our family now, and we’re getting back to familiar routines.

We also now have our own kitchen to cook in, and I’m getting back to the “controlled” experiments.

But, for now, for those of you keeping score, it is:



More to come!