Author: Josh Turknett, MD

Why Medications Are My Last Resort

by Josh Turknett, MD   “It’s hard to achieve wellness within a system that profits from our illness.” – Amanda Gelender   “When did your migraines start,” I asked Carol, a 41 year old customer service rep who’d come to see me for chronic headaches. “Not until I was 37,”she said. They started out of […]

The Wall of Inspiration

I can talk until I’m blue in the face that migraine freedom is possible for anyone. But I know that nothing is more powerful than hearing stories of people who’ve done it. Many of the stories on this page represent the toughest of the tough cases. People with chronic, daily migraines for years. People who’d tried […]

The Ultimate Guide to Migraine Freedom

  Harnessing Hive Wisdom When The Migraine Miracle was first released in November of 2013, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. After coming to the realization that migraine freedom was possible for everyone, and that the typical approach to migraine treatment was making them worse, I decided it should be my mission to get that […]

10 Mistakes You Might Be Making (including the granddaddy of them all…)

Overcoming Adversity After thousands of patients, experience with every headache remedy under the sun, and a lifetime battling the migraine beast myself, it’s become abundantly clear that adopting an evolutionarily appropriate diet and lifestyle is the best strategy for migraine prevention. By leaps and bounds. Living and eating as a human should are the keys to […]

Ketogenic Diet VERSUS Fire

Earlier this year, as outlined in a recent post, I began the “Keto Experiments.” There are several questions I want to answer for myself through these, answers that I hope everyone will benefit from. One of those questions was just how much of an extra boost in migraine protection does ketosis provide. What is the full scope […]

Coming in 2016….

As hard as it is to believe, a new year is upon us! And here at Migraine Miracle headquarters, we’ve got big plans for 2016, and we’re super excited about them. All the energy and enthusiasm from the folks inside of Migrai-Neverland and in our Facebook group has been a HUGE source of motivation for us, […]

The Spark and the Fuel

It’s no secret that migraines are a complicated beast. Were this not the case, they wouldn’t have so effectively thwarted modern medicines’ attempts to conquer them. This complexity includes the relationship between carbohydrates and migraines. As Migrai-Neverland member Cole recently stated: I think one of the bigger concepts of all this that I’ve been having a […]