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Egg Alternatives, Casein + Leaky Gut, Vertigo

This week we bring you an excerpt from our live Clinic Chat Q&A with our members. In this episode, Dr. T answers questions about: Are there egg alternatives that provide the same level of nutrients? Can casein cause leaky gut? Is there a link between Meniere’s disease, Labyrinthitis, and Vertigo? Links mentioned in this episode:  […]

Success + Announcement

You will love hearing this Weekly WIN from one of our members who shares that she has been migraine-free for over a year now. We also have an announcement for you about our Jump Start Challenge starting this weekend… and perhaps a discount for listeners! Links mentioned in this episode:  30 Day Jump Start Challenge […]

Ketogenic Diet VERSUS Fire

Earlier this year, as outlined in a recent post, I began the “Keto Experiments.” There are several questions I want to answer for myself through these, answers that I hope everyone will benefit from. One of those questions was just how much of an extra boost in migraine protection does ketosis provide. What is the full scope […]